Gut Flora yourself!!

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Sub-Lyme Destruction
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Gut Flora yourself!!

Post by Sub-Lyme Destruction » Tue 2 Feb 2016 4:52

Hi guys I'm new to this site and I wanted to share something that perhaps should be in the "unconventional" section but I am afraid it will not get the attention it deserves or be taken seriously and this is not quackery this is a real treatment. I will now paste the following from another thread on this site called
"cured Lyme in 60 days!" Which is also a great thread, btw.

Will Wiegman I wanted to share a treatment with everyone here that I have been following for quite a few years and if you were perhaps unaware of the advances being made then I think you will certainly my find this interesting. Perhaps you can post it on the American version of this site? I have been meaning to join it but I forgot the name. Anyway here's to you sir-
You are perhaps familiar with fecal microbial transplantation? Basically it is an enema or a colonoscopy done with another extremely healthy persons bacteria
(in the form of yes, their poo).
It is even in pill form now although difficult to obtain and expensive. ... sing-study

I know this is gross sounding but I have surfed this website and I have no doubt that the members here are open minded enough and intelligent enough to handle this information.
This is not some shady-scam-type deal and it is not some
new-age holistic hippie witch doctor stuff either. This is not only a proven treatment for C. difficile colitis, it is the best treatment by far. The strongest antibiotics cure it only 40-50% of the time whereas FMT completely cures it 80%-90% of the time.
That was not a misprint.
It is starting to appear that FMT is drastically improving many more disorders including metabolic diseases, neuropsychiatric disorders, autoimmune diseases, allergic disorders, and tumors.
I will include multiple links all are legitimate and informative. This is only a tiny sample of the information out there.
I honestly feel that this type of treatment to balance the flora of unhealthy individuals is going to cause a paradigm shift in how we treat disorders in the future. But for now you don't need thousands of dollars to do this treatment.
If you decide to do it at home make sure the donor is not overweight as apparently that effect will crossover to you and you will gain a lot of that persons weight.
I hope these links are ok to post I don't see why they wouldn't be. If for some reason I can't then I will repost with all the information minus the links.

lol. ... &m=3477209 ... ation.html

This shows you how powerful it truly is. Btw I looked the girls picture up on Facebook and she is thin again! Absolutely crazy. You won't even believe this.. ... /fmt-film/

It is even in pill form if you can go through your doctor and cough up the $500. So far I believe this is the only lab in the country who does this. ... sing-study

Ok so if anyone decides tries this please let us know.
I am going to try to find a donor myself. I'll keep in touch!
Keep hope alive Lymies!
I made that up hope it doesn't offend lol.

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Re: Gut Flora yourself!!

Post by lou » Fri 5 Feb 2016 19:26

The open biome people say it is not necessary to find your own donor, that unrelated and strangers are screened by them and actions taken to prevent other germs from being transplanted too. Of course, nothing is 100%, but this pill form is less invasive than the colonscopy/enema do it yourself methods.

For people who have failed to have their c diff eradicated by antibiotics, it is probably the last resort, and a good thing someone figured this out and some medical institutions and doctors are doing it.

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Re: Gut Flora yourself!!

Post by Sub-Lyme Destruction » Sun 14 Feb 2016 1:15

No doubt in fact many people opt for family members as it ends up not being the best course. I would feel
Best using a screened donor wo has donated before.
The reason I would have to find a donor is that in the states it isn't medically allowed unless you have c. Difficile. Some doctors are being allowed to do it for cases of severe colitis but that's it at least for now.
I would have to find someone near me willing to donate.

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Re: Gut Flora yourself!!

Post by Sub-Lyme Destruction » Sun 14 Feb 2016 1:20

Sorry I should also mention that even with a private donation it is highly recommended that you have blood tests done and have the persons Microbiota tested. You would have to pay for this all out of pocket but it is worth every penny. You don't want someone donating who has bad guy bacteria. You also don't want an overweight person donating . Thin people have been known to
Gain weight after using an overweight donor.

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Re: Gut Flora yourself!!

Post by admin » Sun 14 Feb 2016 2:20

Sub-Lyme Destruction,

Most of the links in your first post are mangled. Please fix them.

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