Help interpreting Igenex Western Blot results

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Help interpreting Igenex Western Blot results

Post by Quantum Criterion » Wed 23 Mar 2016 17:43

So I've been dealing with some strange symptoms for over a year, but they don't seem to be your standard Lyme symptoms. I suffer from daily headaches and head pressure so intense that my ears pop and click constantly and a guttural pressure release popping sensation occurs deep around or within my brain. I see flashing lights often, and have severe cognitive issues and anxiety, all of which came on overnight a year ago. The flashing lights were the first real symptoms accompanied by some general feeling down which I brushed off. I have been by by five ticks about four years ago none of which caused the rash and no fever followed, however I can't help but think they're the reason for this. I got my Western Blot results back from Igenex, and I need some help determining the results.
IFA -- 80
IGM -- All bands negative.
IGG -- Band 41** / Band 39 IND / All other bands negative.

I was positive with an 80 on the IFA. Negative on every band for the IGM, and positive on band 41 with two stars and indeterminate on band 39 on the IGG. What does this seem to be? Does this seem indicative of Lyme? I'd think if my infection was more active I'd have more bands, but perhaps I'm not creating antibodies for whatever reason and that's why my symptoms are a bit atypical. Any advice would be much appreciated!

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