Can I get some help diagnosing my lyme test?

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Can I get some help diagnosing my lyme test?

Post by Arbiqutenti » Wed 25 Jan 2017 20:45

Firstly, thank god for the internet and forums like this.

I am a 30 year old male from the UK recently taking it upon himself to get a lyme test. I paid for this privately as the national health service continues largely to ignore lyme disease.

I researched and found a lab in Germany that offers these tests. Research suggested that Germany has a sound awareness and good track record in treating lyme. The lab was hard to find but all the anecdotal comments in various obscure places online (youtubes, obscure health forums etc) suggested it ran a state of the art, high quality testing in lyme, so I got it done.

These are the results which consist of three tests (Elispot, CD3/CD57+ Cells, IgG/IgM Seraspot) :
Page1 Lyme.jpg
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This is page 2 continues ...
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... and the Seraspot ...
Seraspot.jpg (258.08 KiB) Viewed 4648 times
The nutrtionist I am visiting suggests, based on these results, that I have lyme disease.

Unfortunately the lab won't discuss my results because I organised the test through my nutrionist so I have asked for the nutritionist to ask for a more laymen's term explanation. What I want to know is: DO I HAVE LYME?

The reason I took the iniative to have this test was my long standing health issues.

Symptomology as follows:

red rash on the chest noted around the age of 11-14 years od age (raised and pink rash that spread in size)
stomach issues (acid reflux, incomplete digestion, infrequent diarrhea)
skin issues (dermatitis around folds of nose, chin, scalp, chest, arms, exfoliative chelitis of lips, lichen sclerosus on the foreskin making retraction very difficult (intercourse is not possible due to pain))
cognitive issues (poor memory recall, concentration, slurring speech, difficulty sleeping, fatigue during the day)
neurological symptoms (lack of sensation to genitals & ejaculatory anhedonia (numb orgasm), mild numbness in both big toes, arms & legs (shooting sensations))
hormonal dysfunction (low FSH (follicule stimulating hormone), SHBG (sex hormone binding globulin))
hematological irregularities (consistently high red blood count & hemocrit, high HDL cholesterol, low LDL colesterol, high triglycerides)
emotional instability (fleeting anxiety and depression which comes and goes)

Catch colds very easy & they stay around for a long time, they zap the little energy I do have.

No history of drug abuse, emotional or physical trauma.


I'm sorry if my medical understanding (as above), or grammar is incorrect in any way. My medical knowledge has been pieced together from researching my various different tests results on the web. I originally sought medical help for the numbness in my genitals 2 years ago and had various diagnostic testing to determine if there were neurological issues; the doppler of the penis and EMG of the penis showed no neuropathy. I am currently waiting for an MRI brain scan to see the condition of my hypothalmus and pituiatry glands, as the endocrinologist I saw could not account for the abysmally low FSH.

I am waiting to see an infectious diseases doctor as well. In the meantime it is a waiting game.

In terms of my outlook; I spent a large portion of my 20s muddling through life, barely able to leave my bed. I feel less and less able to cope. I feel toxic. It got to the stage recently where I just couldn't carry on. I lost my job and I'm being supported by family. I am absolutely exhausted all the time and the CD57+ NK Cells test seems to corroborate this in quantitive terms. The report suggests I am immunosuppressed and boy do I feel it. The lab suggests testing for other secondary infections and I am not sure whether to proceed.

I have not trialled or attempted any treatment protocols for lyme as yet, having only found out a few weeks ago the results of the test. I am hoping to get formally diagnosed.

I am totally alone in dealing with this, besides the amazing support of my mum. Unfortunately my difficulties have prevented me becoming intimate with anyone romantically in any serious way. I consider myself to be damaged and diseased because that is how I feel, and that is what I see in the mirror. This is not me being melodramatic or attention seeking, it is the unadulterated unemotional truth. I suffer. I wish I could know for certain why it is this reality has been assigned to me? Punishment perhaps? Or perhaps to find gratitude in life for what I do have; amazing family and access to a warm home, clean water and good food. I would like to have a shot at happiness before it is too late, than to be alone with this parasite until I am no longer fit to carry the burden. Everything I have achieved so far in life has been at the expense of myself.

Any light any of you brave people can shed on my personal situation would be so much appreciated. I am scouring the web at the moment trying to take in as much as I can. I do hope there is hope for me after potentially having had this for 20+ years of life?

Many thanks for reading.

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