How are the Lyme guidelines in the European countries?

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Re: How are the Lyme guidelines in the European countries?

Post by Martian » Wed 31 Oct 2007 13:29

Hi Chris,

It appears that in all European countries the Lyme situation is about the same. At least in the western countries. I am interested to hear about East European countries, perhaps there are more real doctors there, who do not act like robots of guidelines and insurance companies and Big Pharma.
Chris wrote:The head of the Lyme unit at the HPA was one of the authors of the recent article "A Critical Appraisal of "Chronic Lyme Disease"" (O'Connell).
That article is such a twisted piece of crap. For those who know little about Lyme (most people) it may seem convincing, but it is full of nonsense.

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Re: How are the Lyme guidelines in the European countries?

Post by lou » Fri 16 Nov 2007 13:59

This is very interesting. I keep hoping that the European countries will be smarter than the U.S. and will not follow in our footsteps with Lyme treatment and diagnosis. Maybe if we looked at countries that are opposed to U.S. policy in a number of areas, they might be more independent thinkers. But that describes France, among others, and apparently in medical affairs such a divergence of opinion does not occur. Too bad. Where or where are the independent thinkers?

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Re: How are the Lyme guidelines in the European countries?

Post by Nick » Fri 16 Nov 2007 20:59

lou wrote:But that describes France, among others
France has a reputation of using huge amounts of pharmaceutical drugs (highest of any EU country). So I guess the farma mob must be pretty strong there. No idea what they think of using antibiotics though, they certainly don't have a strong lobby that pushes antibiotics for livestock instead of for human healthcare, like in the Netherlands and UK. Some of the more promising (open-minded) approaches regarding Lyme treatment I have heard seem to come from Eastern Europe and Asia...

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Re: How are the Lyme guidelines in the European countries?

Post by Kornish » Tue 27 May 2008 17:22

Many good things happened in recent years in Poland.
Official medicine stand is an IDSA copycat: 10 days or so of doxy and you are cured. If you still complain they will send you to a paternalistic psychiatrist for a brain wash.

But on the side are several good doctors there who will treat you with ILADS methods. Insurance doesn't want to pay for their visits but the cost is resonable and affordable (E 30-50). In fact people are coming from abroad to get treatment in Poland.

You could get i.v. treatment if you need or long term oral abx treatment.

Also Poland has an excellent DNA lab that does tests for tick borne diseases. There is no problem of getting your LD confirmed by rt PCR test. Almost all Lyme patients in Poland are able to get positive Lyme test in one way or another.

Also, Institute of Hygiene in Warsaw (govermental body) is really interested in Bartonella infections in LD, they know that something is going on here (let us hope that something good will come out of this interest); in the past the same people from the institute were very succesful in growing Borrelia in cultures.

On the other hand, Lyme registry in Poland has been officially dissolved in the recent years as a reaction to growing Lyme movement. Clearly you could see that the Goverment is trying to hide LD problem from general population.

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