be very wary of new lyme book!!!

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be very wary of new lyme book!!!!

Post by Fin24 » Wed 14 May 2008 21:21

hi all

still recovering from grueling trip to/from Ohio but had to warn you to be VERY wary--there is a blatant ad campaign going on for a new Lyme book
"Lyme Survival Guide" by Connie Strasheim

she is part of a group that seems to eschew ethics and "publishes" self help guides that are less than informative and only serve to earn the authors money!!!Or urge others to buy things that support their pocketbooks!! They also support a number of people who lack credentials or training and yet charge for medical advice and sell various herbs and supps and "machines" too!!!

if you email me at I will give you the growing list of names to be wary sickens me that many of us have to even keep these lists!!

I have looked at a few of the books and they dont say anything new, and worse, often suggest treatments that can be harmful as well as useless in the fight against Lyme.

A better book for those struggling would be Ken Singelton's new book ( he is an MD with Lyme himself) called the Lyme Disease Solution--well written and comprehensive, and notably he only suggests the alternative protocols with strong results and least harm--the ones missing??? well, all of the ones supported by that group!!

again as always when a group is so dead set on making money off the desperate, we need to be armed with information to protect ourselves and so we arent given bad or even dangerous advice.

be well

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Re: be very wary of new lyme book!!!

Post by hiker53 » Wed 14 May 2008 23:38

I have not read Connie's book or blog about it, but I will say that Connie is a very kind honest person. Her intentions are good. I will reserve judgement on the book until I read it. Hiker53

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Re: be very wary of new lyme book!!!

Post by cave76 » Thu 15 May 2008 1:12

If a person doesn't have a lot of $$ then reading information at LN usa will give you the same information a person can read in her book for nothing---- only you won't get the autograph, so that's a minus.

BUT you'll get the groups hugs! And that's a plus!

This is in her blog:

****So between yoga, body brushing, prayer and visualization therapy, binaural beat CD therapy, enemas, epsom salt baths, fixing nutritious meals, Rifing, doctor appointments, saunas, on-line shopping for supplements, research and all the time that it takes to mix n' match and gobble up those thousand supplements, my hours are filled up.****

My,how the time flies when you're having fun.

Some of the Chapter titles from her book:

Cleansing with Beets and Coffee p.39

Oh, Oh! Don't tell me they're to be used together in an enema!
(Yeah, another cheap enema shot, pun intended. :D)

Tips for Airplane Travel when You’re Symptomatic p. 149

Guess she knows what she's talking about since she is either planning a trip to Costa Rica or has just come back from one.

This woman really knows how to sell herself. And I don't mean that in the Oldest Profession way.

Her trips involve many marketing seminars (Hence her mastery of airplane travel)

Marketing --- like in selling and promoting.

Bryan Rosner, move over. LOL

Sorry, I can't recommend this book except as an example of marketing in the fast and furious eMarket.

But, then I don't recommend Bryan's books either---- so if you like him, you'll love Connie. And she's very pretty. (Come to think--- Bryan's pretty too, in a masculine way of course.)

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Re: be very wary of new lyme book!!!

Post by cave76 » Thu 15 May 2008 1:56


I've saved my totally misleading post where I confused two different people and posted about them.

If you want, I'll repost it (with egg on my face :)) but I hope you'll just make an exception and leave it deleted.

Now, where was I? Heh, heh.
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Re: be very wary of new lyme book!!!

Post by Notfeelingwell » Thu 15 May 2008 2:31

Cave I think you are confusing Connie Strasheim with Christine Cibula, but to be honest it doesn't matter.

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Re: be very wary of new lyme book!!!

Post by hiker53 » Thu 15 May 2008 3:10


I know Connie S. to be very kind, honest, and well intentioned. I have not read her book nor suspect you have, either, so I will reserve judgement on the book. She says she is 70%-80% better than when she first became ill. I know I cannot claim this and wonder how many of us can. While I may never try or believe in some of the treatments she has tried, I refuse to be wary of the book. I firmly believe that God can heal in many different ways. Please do not think I am bashing you, Finette, because I am not (I just got done defending you on the lyme-rife group).

I know several people healed totally on antibiotics. I know several people healed totally with rife. I know others healed with Immune Response Therapy (which did nothing for me). Some are getting better with herbs.

As far as her writing the book just to make a book as someone mentioned on another part of this site, I do not believe that was her intent. However, like many Lyme sufferers who rely on disability I do not see it as terrible to make money off a book if people are interested in reading it. I wish you peace and I, of course, wish us to remain friends and to get healthy. Hiker53

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Re: be very wary of new lyme book!!!

Post by cave76 » Thu 15 May 2008 4:23

Oops, you're right. I'll take out that last misleading thing. Too bad---- it was working up to be funny. :)

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Re: be very wary of new lyme book!!!

Post by Claudia » Thu 15 May 2008 13:26

From Connie Strasheim blog and marketing web site:
I began my healing journey by performing detoxification protocol for heavy metals and other environmental junk. This was in the first year I was sick, before I even knew I had Lyme disease, and the detoxification strategies brought me some degree of improvement. I then began the salt/C protocol and began treating my symptoms with a Rife machine, which ameliorated some of the depression, digestive problems and which completely resolved my tachycardia (but not that related to POTS). I then began an herbal protocol which I feel killed a multitude of bugs in my body, but, because of my impaired detoxification ability, actually made me worse, symptomatically. If you herx and your body can't get rid of neurotoxins, you will feel worse, always, always!

So while I feel that the herbal protocol was powerful, it only took me so far because my body wasn't eliminating toxins fast enough. That said, I only took herbs for nine months; had I decided to remain on the protocol longer, and had I combined it with more aggressive detoxification strategies, I might have found greater healing.

But at that point, I had come across another type of treatment, IRT (Immune Response Training), and I decided to discontinue the herbs in favor of IRT. IRT fixed my insomnia and significantly healed my mind, and helped with a couple of other symptoms besides.

I then turned to Quantum Techniques, another healing strategy found in energy medicine. I obtained an immediate increase in energy from this, and my symptoms continued to improve. Late last year, however, I decided to try MMS, Miracle Mineral Supplement, and this chemical threw my body for a loop. I herxed significantly from it for three months, and the increased symptoms I experienced during this time proved to me that my infections were yet present and that I still had layers of borrelia to kill off.

Finally, I set MMS aside to perform a bioresonance strategy that, like QT and IRT, harnesses the power of God, the body's own energy, and the ability of the immune system to heal, and since performing this strategy and stopping MMS, my symptoms have once again been significantly reduced, and I currently feel about 80% well.

I should mention that, in the initial stages of my illness, I took antibiotics for several months. These weakened my body and my will so much that I knew I would not heal if I continued to take them. It was a gut feeling and I have since not regretted stopping them. While they work for some, I feel that antibiotics can weaken the immune system and I instinctively felt that my body could not afford that risk.

So am I finished treating Lyme disease? No. I will likely continue with QT and MMS, or whatever God throws my way, until I am 100% healed. When I start MMS again, I may once again feel poorly and doubt how much I have healed. This seems to happen whenever I herx; I doubt progress. But what we all need to remember is how good we feel on those days when we aren't herxing, because this is a more accurate indicator of progress than how we feel on the days when we herx. When you herx, you don't feel good, no matter what!

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Re: be very wary of new lyme book!!!

Post by OneGuest » Thu 15 May 2008 15:03

oh dear, that poor soul.

But there will be people who will eat that up, and
there is no way to re-direct them.

I received an inquiry from a friend of a friend...
was not making progress, was worsening
on MMS, and wanted to know about rife.....

I sent her tons of info about abx being
the first line of defense, references, use
of combination therapies, and
llmd contacts.

Nope....totally ignored. Will not
even look for an llmd to supervise these

Talk about self-medicating!

They think these things are a healthier alternative
to abx, just because they are not pharmaceuticals.

They dont know their enemy is powerful
and insidious. I am sure they
dont know other things, either!

I have no problems with some of the stuff,
but imo, consider them as adjunctives,
unless the person really cannot tolerate abx,
or is to the point, where they are fine tuning
their healing, or are using it to address issues
not covered with abx.

The writing style is too tooo much!!
I guess she thinks she is a pioneer on her
way to discovering the pot at the end of the
rainbow. Looks like some self-glorification there! Hey I am
all for self confidence, but only when tempered
with common sense!

I am sure she is nice, but the road
to he-** is paved with good intentions.

It is her journey, so needs to be
accepted, but the "environmental impact"
does need to be questioned!


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Re: be very wary of new lyme book!!!

Post by Claudia » Thu 15 May 2008 15:13

Also from her blog; I wonder if this gem of medical advice is in her book, after all urinary problems and UTI's can be symptoms of Lyme disease:
Bladder infections.

People who get these frequently often have rage issues. By taking steps to forgive others who have wronged you, you may get fewer bladder infections.
:idea: :!: Maybe this is where the term "He's/she's pissing me off" comes from.
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