BEWARE of MDJUnction

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BEWARE of MDJUnction

Post by Fin24 » Sat 20 Dec 2008 19:57

MOVE this to wherever you think itll be seen by the most eyeballs please!!!

VERY scary...this was at first promoted as a support and informational area for those with more than a single illness or concern and then they started grabbing at those even with only one concern/ a supermarket of chat rooms.

then as it grew they slowly revealed the main prupose--MARKETING but since they set it up with separated areas many are in the dark about it--well 'revealed' is being generous--it simply became less hidden and a few like myself caught on--even I and Cave and Mini was fooled for awhile--its that SNEAKY

and we thought silly us that Honor Health Code stamp meant accountability--well unless enough complain those folks dont monitor whether their member groups abide by the very reasonable and necessary rules ( like telling others when you have conflicts of selling the same stuff your posters are promoting)

after posters have grown used to being there who is going to dig around and see the many links and that they SELL much of the stuff the moderators magically support??? took me over a year and you know how jaundiced MY eyes are

and if youre as outraged as I have been- start a campaing against their supposed accreditation of the honesty code for health sites--just one or 2 people wont sway them--we need a beunch of complaints--so wehn you tell people about it tell them to complain when they leave--complain right to the honer code people--there is a link and a form to do so

Honor Code sets standards for health related sites and there are RULES that protect sick consumers that are broken contantly at MDJ; but without compklaints that entity wont remove their stamp of approval

even IF we cxan get that removed wanna bet by now no one would notice??? their busdiness and internet click money is now so BIG I doubt we can even make a dent BUT once word gets around to avoidn them--maybe theyll get a hit in the old pocketbook??

any ideas how we can alert all to this shamefull behavior?? yet to give the Devil his due--very CLEVER set up!

the 2 owners--Alon in Israel and Roy from who knows where were indeed clever little monkeys--looking all the wrold like good samaritans setting up a "safe" informative arena for discussing a lot of different ilnesses and concerns in one pl;ace-- a supermarket of chat boards--and wham their moderators steer much if not all of the day's post towards alti--and not calm safe alti either--some of it is quite alarming

try to disagree or even just post good solid science so others can decide--and youre booted OR harassed--ask Cave and Mini--theyre bravely trying to be the sane voice in the wind and all theyve gotten was bashed and theyre close to being booted

and whattya know--all the supps and alti crap happen to be avail;able right there to buy--and if not, they know wherer you can get it--or the clinics they all seem to nest around that will happily sell it to you
AND the misinformastion has gotten dangerous--no oversight whatsoever

thats what bothers me the most--the utter hogwash tthey pretend is fact and the refusal to allow anything to contrary--recently Cave was admonished " why do we need science, we beleive..." beleif has its place but not when discussing whether something can actually work in the body the way they claim

be it false science, bad medicine or plain outright false "facts"..all are there as matter of course..not just rarely or even occassionally--rare is the true stuff ...sigh...the worst as XCave said is that thousands there dont realize and think its trustworhty and Gospel

Itd be far different IF the posters knew and choose to stay and listen--but they dont--this is INSIDIOUS--often even the moderators are plants by the owners to encourage the crap and quell the facts--and the others dont know--I personally know one m,oderator who cant " beleive" this yet has seen with her own eyes and yet stays --she is "used to the people there and likes them...where else would she go" etc etc

so even the few mods there with a tiny bit of sense are snowed or feel liek they have no where else to go and thats the other way theyre sneaky--they make it SEEM like they care and its a family and only they care about you---very CULT like---and it works!!!

and the SHEEP stay despite being corralled and herded by the wolves preying on them!!!

any ideas of how to get the word out to ALL health related sites and blogs that MDJ is bad news,so that at least those going there KNOW what theyre getting into???

we need a group effort doing what we do best--providing factual information so that there is a tiny chance of informed decision making for those who woukld wish it

go to and join and start posting refutation and all the while start PMing and contacting as many as you can by email, PM and all ways possible and inform them of the situation--let them decide if the wish to stay there at least theyll have been warned!!!

the worst of them seems to be the Lyme, fibromyalgia, autism, MS, communties--but that may be due to my own ignorance of other disease facts...Im sure many here will resognize a far larger problem


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Re: BEWARE of MDJUnction

Post by admin » Sat 20 Dec 2008 22:16

Fin24 wrote:MARTIAN
MOVE this to wherever you think itll be seen by the most eyeballs please!!!
Please start threads in an appropriate forum, instead of where it might be seen most (this is not LymeNUT). "General" would be fine in this case. "Lyme Café", which was previously named "Off Topic" is in principle meant for non-lyme threads. Perhaps I should renamed it to "Non-Lyme Café".

Since there are so much discussions about people, websites, organizations, etc. in Lymeland, it might be useful to create a separate forum for that. For now, most of those threads fit in "General".

BTW: I, like many others I guess, always use the "View new posts" and "View active topics" links to view the latest posts. This way you'll never have to miss a thread.

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Re: BEWARE of MDJUnction

Post by Fin24 » Sat 20 Dec 2008 23:46

thank you but if I KNEW where it belonged Id have put it there in first place :!:

my confusion arose due to the fact that MDJ isnt just Lyme it has a large-ish Lyme following but it is in actuality for more than a hundred disease/conditions and it did need "press" and not sit in a spot where many wouldnt bother to look. ( I dont think many knew about the view new posts button---or maybe its just ME)

Im not "lazy"- Im only trying to grab the few non vertigo miniutes I have to post what I feel may be important and I hadnt the time to first PM you to ask where it should go.

I hadnt before used that button " new posts" even tho Cave just this past week told me about it--honestly I hadnt even seen it!!!

I have my email beeped with thread Im watching and used that to target the few minutes of clear vision!!!
I almost never just bounce around and if I dont stumble across a topic on occassion, I dont bother.

thanks for reminding me about the "view new posts" button

and thanks for moving it for me!

thanks again

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Re: BEWARE of MDJUnction

Post by phantasm » Thu 11 Dec 2014 18:56

The same goes for HealingWelldotcom. The forum has a multitude of illnesses it caters too I only have experience with the Lyme forum where all the mods have lyme and give advice on how to cure it. The main mod, "traveler" is a prolific liar and picks up a check there.

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Re: BEWARE of MDJUnction

Post by velvetmagnetta » Fri 12 Dec 2014 21:31

Um...That has been going on for a long time! Just about every other Lyme site on the internet is like MDJunction - except Lymenet Europe - this is the only Lyme website I've seen that is scientifically sane.

But this site, too, is being taken over by anti-science Americans! Yes, I'm an American, too. But I am aware of our rather large anti-science population. Probably has something to do with not stressing the sciences in school but instead promoting football and other physical activities. Also, we make people pay exorbitant amounts of money for higher education. That may be why not many people go on to get those degrees. It is in those classes where I really got to see the scientific method in action.

I think it all began when people started demanding antibiotics for indefinite lengths of time even though the science did not support this tactic. This act is not benign.

People thought they were feeling better. But that doesn't really matter all that much because we are a complex system of nerves. It is through this system that we communicate with the outside world. This system is also responsible for communicating to itself the state of the body.

The placebo effect sounds like, "Oh, I got fooled! I'm such an idiot!" But that's not what it is at all!

It is your body telling itself (temporarily) that it feels better and now you can go on hunting and gathering (or whatever it is that you do!). With neuro-Lyme, I think it is the very nerves (that would report to the brain the state of wellness inside the body) that are damaged. If it is the phone lines that are damaged, how is the body supposed to give itself an accurate report?

Say, your toe nerves are saying, "The toes are a little cold down here, but not too bad, the toes are fine."

But the brain hears, "Toes *crackle crackle* cold *crackle crackle* not *crackle* fine"

How is the brain supposed to know that your toes are fine? You don't know, because they feel cold because your nerves are telling you so.

This is how I imagine systemic nerve diseases like Lyme neuroborreliosis and Firbromyalgia. No one really seems to know what's going on with these diseases, but I think if they involve nerve damage, it goes something like this.

The sufferers are ripe for the charlatan pickings. (Look up the etymology of "charlatan" if you get a chance. It's a really fun history that starts in Italy!) Lyme researchers have to be extra-specially careful that the positive results they are getting are real and not a temporary placebo effect.

On this website we hear Henry endlessly ranting about the frustrating non-specific symptoms that Lyme and Post-Lyme patients report. This is a very distressing state for researchers who are trying to pinpoint the source of pain and disease. Researchers like to have exact answers, and Lyme patients just refuse to give them!

As far as MDJunction goes, I don't know if there are really that many people reading it or if the people on it trying to sell their supplements and other unproven alternative nonsense (zappers, anyone?) just keep posting over and over to make it look like that many people are really reading it. But I agree that it is a dangerous anti-science website.

Web of Trust (WOT) is usually pretty good at rating those kinds of websites properly. It is an add-on for your browser that puts a traffic light circle next to each search engine result - green for good, yellow for iffy, and red for really bad - malware and unproven scientific claims. You can also rate the websites you encounter.

I find WOT very intolerant of sketchy scientific claims - much more so than that health-rating seal.

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Re: BEWARE of MDJUnction

Post by phantasm » Sun 28 Dec 2014 10:07


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