Volkman's critique of IDSA guidelines

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Re: Volkman's critique of IDSA guidelines

Post by Fin24 » Tue 7 Apr 2009 23:59


heres some recent info on Volkman

Seronegative disease after inadequate therapy in lyme arthritis: Comment on the article by Kannian et al
David J. Volkman, PhD, MD
State University of New York at Stony Brook
Arthritis and Rheumatism
Volume 58 Issue 7, Pages 2212 - 2213
Published Online: 24 Jun 2008

An Appraisal of "Chronic Lyme Disease"
Maloney, Holmes, VOLKMAN, et al
NEJM Volume 358:428-431 January 24, 2008

also a LOT of the last 3-4 years there are papers by Shapiro, Datwyler and Wormser which CITE many of Volkman's early studies and often incorrectly--which is why I suspect he is now so vocal. I dont think he jumped ship so much as is annoyed at his work being used incorrectly and mistakenly to promote Shapiro's, IDSA , et al agenda

as late as 2007 he held professor of med/peds position at stonybrook and recently Ive seen "emeritus" as in retired

plus his age:has to be close to 60 ( Univ Rochester school of medicine grad 5/22/76)
which is about 33 years ago and average age at graduation is usually 26

so Im guessing he is all or part retired at this point and hasnt so much changed his mind as he is annoyed at his conclusions being misstated.misused. misappropriated.

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Re: Volkman's critique of IDSA guidelines

Post by Spanky » Wed 8 Apr 2009 1:44

SR wrote: "I would guess that the review panel would want to bend over backwards to make sure that the process is viewed as affording every appearance of fairness, openess and opportunity for the public to have input and participation".
Fin wrote: "
"...and therein lies MY concerns from the getgo--no true additional input or re-evaluation of anything and simply APPEARANCES of such".
Allright, but please try to keep that in perspective, also, here...that these Guidelines were the work product and opinions of a private professional medical society and that the public, laypersons, really had no right to particpate in the original process, and would not in this process, either, but for the rather extraordinary circumstances and intervention, and the resulting agreement, presented here.

And the standard of review is probably similar to that of an appeal...that is, confined to reversing demonstrable error in the process, only.

In addition, those guidelines are supposed to be based upon conclusions drawn from scientific evidence from controlled clinical trials, studies, and not from anecdotal reports of patients.

So, the presentation of this type of "evidence" or comments are probably not all that useful or even relevant in the first place.

So when I said the "appearance" of fairness and openess, I did not mean that in a sarcastic manner...but simply that is something that any body that presents issues like this before the public has to maintain in order to achieve some sense of legitimacy of the end result. If you want the result to be accepted, then the process has to be viewed as fundamentally sound and fair.

And again, the pleas to bombard the panel with this and that really probably has more to do with the completely b***s**t tactics and antics of some alleged patient advocates than anything approaching reality, in my opinion.

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Re: Volkman's critique of IDSA guidelines

Post by kitty9309 » Wed 8 Apr 2009 2:03

"so Im guessing he is all or part retired at this point and hasnt so much changed his mind as he is annoyed at his conclusions being misstated.misused. misappropriated."

Thanks, Fin.

I'll be reading the references you cited.

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