Infuserve America— Intravenous Lyme disease Treatment

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Infuserve America— Intravenous Lyme disease Treatment

Post by Martian » Tue 27 Sep 2011 15:04

A coughing man in a raincoat whispered to me: "Infuserve"...

Googling "Infuserve" brings me to:
Welcome to Infuserve America— Intravenous Lyme disease Treatment
So, looks like we got competition for QMedRx.

Some quotes from the homepage:
28 Days…..

The typical number of days that IV Lyme Disease treatment is covered by insurance, then patients have to self-pay. Infuserve America can help, we have been serving the Lyme community for nearly 20 years making it possible for patients to afford IV treatment. Please ask us about pricing we are here to assist you with your Lyme Treatment.
The roots of Infuserve America begin with the American dream. A young man (Sarkis Kazarian) arrives in America from Armenia with very little money, he works hard, raises a family and starts his own business (Kazarian Pharmacy) with the help of his brothers and sisters. By offering great products at reasonable prices, the pharmacy is a great success for Mr. Kazarian and also for the patients who get their prescriptions filled there. These basic principles are what drive Infuserve America in providing Quality, cost-conscious Intravenous Therapy.

My name is David Kazarian, inspired by my father I also became a pharmacist and took over Kazarian Pharmacy. Shortly after I became interested in infusion therapy. Years later I moved to Florida and began assisting Lyme Disease patients with their therapy -Infuserve America was born

We welcome you to the Infuserve America website. There is a great deal of information here that will help answer your questions about IV therapy at home. Please do not hesitate to call if you need further assistance.


David Kazarian

David Kazarian and the Infuserve America Team
My first impression when visiting that site was that it looks very amateurish. That might say something. I'm curious if there are suspicious connections with others in Lymeland, just like with QMedRx.

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Re: Infuserve America— Intravenous Lyme disease Treatment

Post by LymeH » Fri 30 Sep 2011 16:21

. ... llas-park/
Infuserve America expanding, relocating to Pinellas Park
By Sean Roth | Real Estate Editor - Friday, September 09, 2011

BUYER: Kazarian Realty LLC (principal: David Kazarian), St. Petersburg

[ ]


PROPERTY: 11880 28th St. N., Pinellas Park

PRICE: $1.65 million

PREVIOUS PRICE: $1.9 million, February 2006

TITLE FIRM ON DEED: Sunbelt Title Agency, Longwood

PLANS, DESCRIPTION: David Kazarian purchased a 32,604-square-foot flex building near HSN for $1.65 million.

The price equated to $51 per square foot.

Kazarian, president and chairman of the board of Infuserve America, plans to relocate the specialty pharmacy company to the second floor of the building and half of its warehouse space.

A Tony Little company previously owned the building.

“They had used it for shipping because of the large warehouse space,” Kazarian says. “They were going to direct shipping so they didn’t need all that extra space. We actually wanted to be on the second floor because of hurricanes and floods, and we need more space. ”

The second floor is more than twice the area of Infuserve America’s existing St. Petersburg facility.

Kazarian will continue to lease out the bottom floor of the building to two companies. Infuserve America is scheduled to have the space build out and start operating there by January.

Elliott Ross of The Ross Realty Group Inc. represented the buyer.

The purchase entity Kazarian Realty LLC mortgaged the property to Synovus Bank for $1.32 million.

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