His Psychosomatic Illness Killed Him

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His Psychosomatic Illness Killed Him

Post by Muscle Car55 » Fri 23 Aug 2013 23:04

http://www.lohud.com/article/20130818/N ... -awareness

Left this nice gem on the article
Worthless Douche Bag Doctors wrote: "He visited a doctor who checked for Lyme disease and strep throat but the tests were negative."

"He simply needed to rest and hydrate, the doctor told the family. The teen even told the family days before his death that he felt fine and strong."
Muscle Car55 wrote:I would hold the doctors accountable, they know exactly what is going on with lyme and other tick borne pathogens(coinfections.) New York is his huge in lyme, so many people getting infected each year, ridiculous numbers and they play dumb. Well surpassed AIDs and other diseases. But they all say these different tick borne illnesses are rare, which is wrong!!!!

There are laws now that even though lyme test come up negative, doctors have to tell their patients the tests can come up false negative. Virginia and other states have adopted this law.

The fact of the matter is they don't know what infections he had in him until they do an autopsy. Doctors told Lori Hall-Steele, woman who was in the lyme documentary Under the Eightball, she didn't have lyme because the tests came back negative. Autopsy after she died, she died of lyme(borrelia bacteria) and chlamydia(coinfection.) I think her brother Timothy Grey had to send out her tissue samples to a lab in another country to get the right autopsy done, because not all labs are created the same. And if you don't know by now, there is a coverup.

My condolences go to the Elone family. There are millions of us in the world dealing with these tick borne illnesses. I live in Michigan, a state where they say there is no lyme and other tickborne diseases. They say lyme is super "rare" in Michigan. Yet I have it and live in the city, I actually know of other 7 other people in southeastern Michigan that have it. Oh yeah and my test came up negative too, lol. Until I sent my bloodwork out to Igenex and then it came back positive. You look at CDC statistic on lyme in southeaster Michigan, stats say 0 infections. Lies lies lies....yeahhhh!!!

These doctors and CDC need to be held accountable!

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