Talk about inconvenient...!

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Talk about inconvenient...!

Post by velvetmagnetta » Fri 6 Feb 2015 2:10

Have you all seen this new report?

Lyme disease costs up to $1.3 billion per year to treat, study finds ... -year.html

I was wondering when someone would get around to actually calculating the cost of post-treatment (chronic) Lyme symptoms! I guess governing bodies may begin to care when in hits them in the pocketbook. I'm no expert here, but let's see...

Doctors' visits...$
Emergency Room visits...$$$
Repeated doctors' visits for continuing pain and disability,,,$$$$$$
Lost labor, wages from people out of work due to pain, disability, brain frog and (severe!) memory problems.....$$$$$$$$$

Suicide from pain, disability, and disregard by the medical community...Priceless.

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