A Modest Proposal

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Re: A Modest Proposal

Post by nnecker » Wed 30 Dec 2015 15:27

Henry said:

My, my............. Your comments are just 3 minutes apart! You must have found it necessary to "consult" with each other on this proposal...
You're right Henry,it's like they are related in some way.Hell,maybe even married to each other.
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Re: A Modest Proposal

Post by Henry » Wed 30 Dec 2015 15:54

Duncan and Lorima: I've heard all of these tired old phony arguments so many times before. Do you have anything positive to offer those you claim to want to help? Why should any one listen to what you have to say? Based on the reactions you generate, not very many. You've lost your audience even in this "echo chamber". Yawn,yawn, ..........

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Re: A Modest Proposal

Post by duncan » Wed 30 Dec 2015 22:01

As long as you're part of what audience there is, Henry... :D

Still waiting on meaningful answers to my questions. Have you at least figured out the C6? How can you pretend to lecture on Lyme diagnostics if you don't even have a handle on the C6?

Also, if the 2T is so infallible, why are some IDSA supporters opining that clinicians should ignore its results depending on where it is used? It is either infallible - or it isn't. So clearly, even in the US, its support is not "universal".

Speak specifics, please, Henry.

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Re: A Modest Proposal

Post by migs » Mon 4 Jan 2016 7:18

Well just catching up here...let that discussion and modest proposal remind me that we still desperately need a new and reliable test for a BB infection. One that will greatly discredit many on both sides of the Lyme divide will be the godsend for patients. In a huge medical "victory" we would see the old guard shrivel after being so atrociously misguided by hubris, the LLMD group culled to a smaller number of practitioners as it lost the druids that seem to treat families of 5 with anything that will make them poor, and the mass exodus of false Lyme patients from support groups and websites. We would be left with patients that could walk into their family doctor's office and have him or her be happy to help.

Not to be a jerk but we all know this whole thing is a mess all around. We really need an impressive test that even the most deeply invested members of this dark chapter would have to begrudgingly support.

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