Pulsed Mino/Tindy cures Congenital Lyme in ASD Children

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Pulsed Mino/Tindy cures Congenital Lyme in ASD Children

Post by Will Wiegman » Sat 11 Jun 2016 2:56

Hi, I am Will Wiegman from the Cured of Lyme in 60 Days thread here on LymeNet Europe (recently moved to the 'unconventional' page after the comments drifted way off the subject).

We have successfully cured Congenital Lyme Disease with Babesia, Bartonella, and other co-infections.

Last Thanksgiving, a Mom of an ASD child who almost died called me to thank me for saving her son's life after she read the thread. He was pretty severe ASD for 7 years after his big vaccines at 2 years old and went from normal to severe ASD in only 3 weeks. What she didn't know at the time or for years afterwards was that she was Lyme positive but undiagnosed before having Matt, so he contracted lyme and co-infections in the womb when the umbilical cord formed.

Today he is Lyme free, ASD free and living a normal life again, healing the physical damage the spirochetes did and doing really well.

Turns out the ASD was initiated by the inflammation produced in the Parasympathetic Nervous System and the glial mechanisms of the brain. When the vaccines were given, the thiocyanate deficienct B-Cells, Lymphocytes and especially the Neutrophils were not able to process them, the kids still had the live vaccine bactereia and viruses circulating as long as 4 years after the shots.

We now have 400 families, some with more than one ASD child, most showing signs of progress (some started months after the first group) as their Lyme bacteria load gets reduced and the body begins to clear the inflammation causing the ASD symptoms.

Basically it is the same successful protocol as I posted here years ago. I am 68 now and no medical or physical problems at all since Summer of 2012 after my second bout with Lyme and my second full cure.

We have put it in a 'Letter to your Doctor' form letter with all the links needed to understand the non-standard dosage and timing of the pulsed Mino/Tindy combo.

Here it is and I have hundreds of links to research papers explaining the reasons it works as it does to totally eliminate Lyme disease, no matter how long you have had it or how you first were infected.

I'm easy to find! Just search my name...

Dear Doctor ______________________,

Thank you so much for taking the time to help me with my Lyme.

I have attached (name) immunology reports for your review.

Below I listed the following protocol and explanatory research for addressing Lyme and other infections as an underlying cause of the behavioral symptoms and chronic health challenges that my child _______________endures, instead of using the CDC Standard of Care for Lyme treatment.

On this protocol you do NOT take daily Doxycycline - the theory being that given daily in high doses, as the Standard of Care recommends, or included in cocktails, Doxy creates more Borrelia and a more complicated infection and Symptoms Profile per the extensive research of Dr. Eva Sapi. Per her research, whenever Borrelia detects a fatal attack on itself it creates primitive egg-like cysts that contain the m-RNA to create the protective soft fatty eggshell and DNA to create another spirochete. These eggs have to hatchout in 9-17 days, potentially a week after the last dose of Doxy is gone from the bloodstream.

The treatment: Will Wiegman Pulsed Protocol -

1. Supplementing Amygdalin, HMDB35030, the Thiocyanate precursor, in the form of wild cherry bark extract, seeds, kernels, sprouts, and any other foods rich in this Essential Nutrient (HMDB35030) to reverse the Thiocyanate deficiency. Thiocyanate is the only antioxidant that fuels The White Bloods Cells and prevents their self destruction by the ROS they make internally to kill bacteria, process vaccines or any of the many other chores they do in the body.

It takes about two weeks to reverse the deficiency. We have done this already, and are very impressed and hopeful about the positive changes already seen.

A daily intake of 35 mg. of amygdalin for a 150 pound adult from natural food sources or extracts would be a Recommended Daily Requirement to maintain serum Thiocyanate levels as well as amounts stored in the liver. Triple this during the Protocol.

After 2 weeks of supplementing the diet, you add the following:

2. Minocycline – 1 dose, every other day for 60 days (total of 30 pills), 1 mg. per pound of body weight.

3. Tindimax (Tinidazole) - every other day w/ food for 60 days (total of 30 pills) - on same day as Minocycline but at least an hour apart. 2 mg. per pound of body weight.

The established success of this pulsed protocol of Mino/Tindy is based on Minocycline killing spirochetes while they are in normal mitosal cell division. Tinidazole kills them when they are not in cell division. Tindy also kills the primitive egg-like cysts they can form as they die. Tinidazole also breaks down any spirochetal biofilm colonies that may form in the white matter of the body like myelin tissues (including nerve sheaths), tendons and ligaments. Minocycline and Tinidazole both cross the BBB into the CSF in the same concentrations as the rest of the body.

Pulsing the Minocycline also keeps serum levels below that which Borrelia can detect so that the spirochetes will not go into hibernation for up to 6 weeks but high enough to kill them on the days the doses are taken. An average of 40% of remaining spirochetes will be killed with each dose this way as well as some of the Bartonella if present.

(Note: As bacterial loads are reduced, the serum concentrations of Minocycline will increase to also start to kill Bartonella if present.)

Note: If Herxeimer Reaction is intense, Burbur or Milk Thistle can be used to calm.

4. Vitamins B6, B12, Iodide, and Vitamin D3 supplementation (b/c Tindimax up regulates B6/B12 consumption by the Immune System and Borrelia blocks D3 conversion in the kidneys).

5. Pinella Brain Cleanse (Nutramedix brand) each day to cleanse the white matter of the brain, 10 drops added to food or drink or Wild Cherry Bark Extract, 10 drops added to food or drink.
(Note: If patient is subject to seizures, only use the Pinella as it has anti-spasmodic properties that the WCB extract does not.)

6. Ivermectin - 1 normal dose, adjusted for weight of the patient, for parasites , one dose every 10 days (4 doses total) taken on 'off' days from other meds (w/ food). This is b/c, per the research of Dr Eva Sapi, because 40% of the ticks studied had microscopic filarial nematodes.

7. After 60 days of abx, switch to TriBiotics, 2-3 doses a day depending on weight, spaced at least 8 hours apart, 1 week on and 1 week off, repeat 4 times. Note: A combination of these herbs sourced individually may be used by people who may be allergic to the Black Walnut Hulls. This product contains Atremisinin and Berberine that address several common co-infections including Babesia, Bartonella, and Mycoplasma.
Note: Large die-off of Babesia and Bartonella can release excess iron into the bloodstream from the RBCs they were living in and on.

TriBiotics contains Artemisinin, Berberine Sulfate, Citrus Seed Extract, and Black Walnut Hulls. Research on Artemisinin won the 2015 Nobel Prize. Artemisinin is for Babesia, a co-infection of Lyme that is similar to Malaria. (Note: Black Walnut Hulls may initiate a Nut Allergy in some people.)

Curious as to your thoughts and whether its worth a try to pulse Mino and Tindamax on an every other day schedule for ______________ ?

Here are some links to the research used for this protocol if you need peer reviewed evidence to support the validity of the protocol:

The Lyme disease Spirochete Borrelia Burgdorferi induces inflammation and apoptosis in cells from dorsal root ganglia is the focus of the research. Significant for those with PANDAS symptoms. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/PANDAS

Other odd symptoms of disruption of bodily functions in Lyme Disease may be easily explained as inflammation in the Dorsal Root Ganglia of the spinal cord disrupting signals in both the Parasympathetic and Sympathetic Nervous Systems: http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/23866773

This explains why the protocol uses Minocycline instead of Doxycycline. The last paragraph specifically addresses Minocycline's excellent CNS penetration capability in the same concentration as the rest of the body. (Tinidazole also does this.)
http://www.emedexpert.com/compare-meds/ ... line.shtml

This paper by Dr. Eva Sapi - Bacterial Biofilms and Lyme Disease - discusses the way Doxy creates 3 times as many spirochetes as it kills by allowing them to excrete up to 12 (average of 3) primitive egg sacs as they die.
https://www.dovepress.com/evaluation-of ... rticle-IDR

For information on Thiocyanate: http://www.pnas.org/content/106/48/20515.long (And why Neutrophils cannot process vaccines when a Severe Thiocyanate Deficiency exists.)

Importance of Neutrophils to the entire Cellular Repair and Immune Systems including the Mucosal Immune System and the Respiratory Immune System:
http://isites.harvard.edu/fs/docs/icb.t ... review.pdf

The next link provides good information regarding B-17 in foods. B17 is a research Red Herring since it doesn’t actually exist as an FDA vitamin due to the pharmaceitical industry blocking it’s recognition. These non-GM/GMO foods contain Amygdalin, Gene HMDB 35030, Thiocyante’s only precursor, and it is the only Antioxidant that fuels and recharges the Neutrophils/White Blood Cells of all mammalian life. A call to a Systems Biologist confirms its role in the Innate Immune System, the Mucosal Immune System, and the Respiratory Immune System (the Firewall of the immune system in the Eyes, Ears, Nose, Throat, and all mucosal linings exposed to air).

Infections like PANDAS, Lyme, Babesia, and Bartonella become chronic and difficult to treat if a chronic thiocyanate deficiency exists since the Neutrophils self-oxidize themselves without thiocyanate and fail to activate the macrophages and T-Cells and cannot create antibodies either.

Tests for Lyme, like that look for antibodies will fail if a Severe Thiocyanate Deficiency blocks the formation of the antibodies they test for.

Foods Containing Amygdalin (Not to be confused with Laetrile) - all contain Amygdalin, gene HMDB 35030, an essential nutrient not currently classified as an FDA Vitamin, but no less vital to the immune system despite that regulatory oversight. http://www.vitaminb17.org/foods.htm

Thank you very much for your time and continued help with _______________.

I look forward to hearing from you soon.


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Re: Pulsed Mino/Tindy cures Congenital Lyme in ASD Children

Post by Will Wiegman » Sat 11 Jun 2016 3:18

Diane and Matt's journey and in-protocol progress reports from ASD Moms:

Changes and Gains on Wiegman Pulsed Protocol Part I

Diane Early·Tuesday, May 24, 2016
Matthew B. E., age 10, 69 lbs, Diagnosis: Autism, PANDAS/PANS, Sydenham’s Chorea, chronic low IGGs and Immune Dysfunction “without known cause”, CFS, chronic infections of strep, staph, mycoplasma, c.difficile overgrowth, candidiasis, eventually testing confirmed Borrelia, Typhus/Rickettsia, Bartonella, and Babesia, a parasitic infection of the red blood cells. Sick for over seven years, and a non- responder or very limited responder to all medical interventions except high dose IVIG for Sydenham’s Chorea. Dozens of specialists saw Matthew over the seven years that he was severely disabled with the symptoms currently diagnosed as Autism and severe PANDAS/PANS. I am giving a list of only those who were the most significant, since the list would be pages if I posted them all. Every lab possible was done for Matthew, and there was never anything in the blood work except chronic dehydration, some markers, sometimes, for inflammation, A KUB showed him to be very impacted at one point, and only bacterial infections were ever confirmed by culture, and only sometimes. X rays showed infections, direct examination of blood samples did too. Any diagnostic tests that required functioning neutrophils did not work with Matthew while he was thiocyanate deficient and amygdalin deficient. Routine vaccinations did not work properly/well in his body either. I have included photographs of some of the rashes we saw when we changed his diet and tried to support his immune system.
Dr. Kimelman - LA - can can confirm that Matthew was a healthy baby, delivered at Tarzana by c section, no trauma no drama. Dr. Kimelman delivered all my babies, and all were born healthy and breastfed with formula used to supplement.
Dr. Susan Anderson UVA, confirmed Autism diagnosis
Dr. Kenneth Saul - pediatrician - Los Angeles, diagnosed PANDAS based on symptoms checklist, clinical presentation, and case history of worsening of autism symptoms after a confirmed strep infection or when his sisters were ill. He tried to find treatment strategies, but the diagnosis was controversial at the time despite being in old copies of the Merck Manual, He can confirm Matthew’s poor health and chronic infections and bizarre” atypical” Autism - Matt always showed empathy and affection, but fit many of the other symptoms of the disorder, and everything for a PANDAS one. Matthew suffered from chronic respiratory infections, sinus and ear infections, sore throats, strep infections, mycoplasma infections that turned into pneumonia, viral illnesses, GI problems, and terrible dental problems no matter how often we brushed or with what type of toothpaste or rinse. Matt was often very sick and unable to attend school as a result.
Dr. Elizabeth Latimer, Pediatric Neurologist, Georgetown/PANDAS specialist and researcher - Confirmed PANDAS/PANS and Sydenham’s Chorea based on clinical symptoms, treated the chorea disorder with high dose IVIG and treatment was a success, treated PANDAS with prolonged antibiotics and steroids, which brought some symptoms relief, but whenever antibiotics therapy was ceased or steroids were weaned all symptoms associated with both Autism and PANDAS returned or intensified
Dr. Rosario Trifiletti, MD, PHD pediatric neurologist in New Jersey - PANDAS specialist - PANDAS/PANS diagnosis confirmed and agreed with Dr. Latimer’s suggested treatment strategies including high dose IVIG treatment for the Sydenham’s Chorea, which he also confirmed, told us that Matt’s “b cells are broken, but I cannot figure out why. He just needs to stop getting sick all the time. That is the only way he will ever get well.” Ran lots of labs and simply found that IGGs were chronically low, but low enough to be a real immune disorder. Suspected Lyme Disease, but tests were negative.
Dr. Alpern, Immunologist, VA, copious amounts of lab work and nothing found to explain the appearance of severe allergic responses, but no labs that confirmed such allergies, lots of blood taken for Columbia University for genetic studies, nothing found. We decided not to pursue IVIG treatments because per Dr. Alpern, the “numbers improve but the symptoms remain the same. They do not get sick as often, but the autism and PANDAS symptoms do not improve.”
Dr. Morales Sr. - Hematologist, Oncologist, Researcher - In 2014 Matthew almost died of bacterial pneumonia, twice. He had IV abx the first time, and IV abx plus a blood transfusion/PEX the second time. During his second stay in the hospital Dr. Morales was called in to examine him, run tests, and rule out leukemia and all cancers of the blood. Upon direct examination of Matthew’s blood he found Borrelia spirochetes in the samples. Further tests confirmed Mycoplasma, Typhus/Rickettsia, Bartonella, and Babesia, a parasitic infection of the red blood cells and common co infection of Lyme Disease. The test results were confirmed by a pediatric infectious disease specialist with extensive experience in tropical diseases. Note: Babesia can be found by giving flagyl or tinidazole for a week then taking blood from the arm, the earlobe, and the fingertips then looking at the blood under powerful microscopes. Matt’s arm sample was clean, but the fingertips were positive for Babesia. A Pediatric Infectious Disease specialist confirmed the diagnosis and cleared him for Malaria. He was also negative for that at UVA when Dr. Nataro, one of the heads of Pediatric Infectious Disease at UVA tested him for it and for Lyme Disease, also negative. So nothing has ever been missed or overlooked in Matt’s case by any doctors on our journey - they tested for everything possible when the symptoms were there, but nothing was in the labs . That is the nightmare a severe thiocyanate deficiency creates for treating doctors everywhere. When a patient presents with the symptoms of Malaria in N America, and Malaria is ruled out, I wish ID doctors would consider Babesia instead, a common co- infection of Lyme. Diagnosis: Lyme Disease based on the presence of coinfections, the presence of spirochetes in the blood, the case history of living in areas known to have Lyme ( N VA and NC and the foothills of So Ca) most of the clinical symptoms of chronic Lyme Disease and its many co-infections, and despite the negative Western Blot. In a thiocyanate deficient body the antibodies for many diagnostic tests are not produced. If the infection is a congenital one and the result of immune system problems that let the bacteria divide unchallenged, there is no test for such an infection, and only direct examination of the blood itself will reveal the disease. The spirochetes “are easy to see” when a patient is as sick as Matt was it seems.
Dr. Morales, Jr.- MD, LLMD, IV abx therapy was started,with immune supports, but all treatments failed (abx do not work effectively in bodies with a thiocyanate deficiency) a pediatric infectious disease specialist confirmed the Babesia, and also tried a cocktail of abx for the inflammation and infection around Matthew’s heart at this time, confirmed by x ray. Again, antibiotics did not work, even the IV antibiotics therapy. They heal the infection temorarily, but without working neutrophils everything just comes back. Once antibiotics ceased all infections and symptoms returned. Antibiotics therapies fail or have underwhelming outcomes in thiocyanate deficient bodies since bacteria, viruses, and pathogens can divide freely, poorly challenged by the malnourished neutrophils - so things just come back.
Dr, Morales supported trying the Will Wiegman Protocol for Lyme as a CSF Infection, which emphasizes reversing the amygdalin deficiency FIRST, to rehabilitate the thiocyanate cycle, create more antioxidant support for limping neutrophils, and then treat borrelia and bartonella, and babesia in a body with working white blood cells, then reassess with your doctor once those lynchpin infections are healed. I have included that evidence based protocol that saved Matthew’s life. How to reverse an amygdalin/thiocyanate deficiencyis outlined in it.
Dozens of other doctors were consulted during Matthew’s seven year journey with the symptoms known as Autism, PANDAS, and Neuro Lyme plus coinfections. Doctors consulted included: - Gastroenterologists, Chiropractors, Nutritionists, NDs, DANS, and Neuro- Immunologists, Dr. Kenneth Stoller, DAN, Dr. Rachel West DAN and Osteopath, CA, Dr.Golberg - NIDS/Neuro Immune Dysfunction Syndrome specialist - Matt had no viral titers, but responded to valtrex therapy in the same wasy he did antibiotics. When the drugs were discontinued any gains seen on them stopped too, Dr Yu - Internal Medicine and Parasitologist, Dr. Tod Thoring, N CA, LLND - confirmed PANDAS based on symptoms, but Western Blot was negative and IGENEX was inconclusive for Lyme Borrelia. Allergists, Immunologists, Columbia University ran every possible genetic test on Matthew, and nothing was found, and Pediatric Infectious Disease specialists
Will Wiegman - Retired from research, holds a degree in Sub Cellular Microbiology and Parasitology from the University if Indiana, class of 1972 and did his graduate work on The Krebs Cycle under Professors Watson and Crick ( Nobel Prize for the Double Helix/DNA) Mr. Wiegman authored the Wiegman Protocol for Lyme in the CSF that we were doing with our doctor when the symptoms of Autism simply faded away before we were even done treating my son’s Borrelia infection in the CSF. Matthew’s PANDAS symptoms went from being severe and crippling to mild and manageable during the protocol as well, but only after treating Babesia and Bartonella for about a month. I contacted him during our family’s experience with the protocol, and he generously explained to me what we were seeing and why it was happening and shared his vast knowledge of microbiology and biochemistry as it relates to current illnesses most of which are caused or exacerbated by an impaired thiocyanate cycle created by an engineered amygdalin one to improve our food supply by genetically removing thiocyanate’s only precursor, amygdalin, from all food crops and feed. His protocol is published online, and freely shared. Here is a link: Cured of Lyme in 60 days! - LymeNet Europe www.lymeneteurope.org › Board index › Information & Discussion › Unconventional
Phase I : Introduce/titrate in foods with amygdalin in them to reverse the Thiocyanate Deficiency: apricot kernels, non GM sprouts, all varieties, wheatgrass or barley grass shots, or juiced alfalfa with ground flax seeds in it Phase II: Get a direct examination of blood under powerful microscope or use Fry Labs or Igenex if you are certain of a bite - THERE ARE NO TESTS FOR A CONGENITAL INFECTION WHICH IS ONE ENABLED BY A IMMUNE SYSTEM’S FAILURE TO PREVENT THE BORRELIA ALREADY IN YOU FROM DIVIDING UNCHALLENGED. If you have never seen a bite, do the direct examination of blood under a microscope strategy. For Babesia, take samples from the fingertips as well as the arm, and some doctors take from the ear lobe as well. Once you have established whether or not you have Lyme and its main coinfections, treat infections that became chronic as the neutrophils failed for lack of the only antioxidant that powers them. Always treat Lyme FIRST with your doctor using the Wiegman Protocol for Lyme in the CSF, to free up the immune system to fight other things, many of the symtpoms currently diagnosed as autism improve as infections are cleared and PANDAS OCD ones heal only after all or almost all infections that cause that well-researched inflammation are eradicated Phase III: Treating infections with herbs only, with or without your doctor, and when done with this phase Reassess with a good integrative medicine doctor to reestablish health after prolonged time ill and disabled with multiple infections
These are the changes that I, Matt’s mom, saw on the protocol. Other families have generously contributed their anecdotal experiences in order to help other families:
Changes on Phase One - After introducing foods rich in amygdalin: He ate six apricot seeds a day, drank juiced alfalfa with some flax seeds crushed in it, he ate apple seeds, six a day, acute treatment for respiratory infections and his tendency to get pneumonia - we did this for one week, then stopped. He has never had a respiratory infection since finishing phase one, and after we fed him the apple seeds well chewed for a week, daily. During phase one he as though he was very sick with a bad cold, lots of runny noses, a big increase in mucous production and ear wax, then the ear wax went away. It never came back. He seemed to have a mild flu at one point. We saw red cheeks, on and off, for a month. We saw itchy eyes, LOTS of sneezing, a croupy cough, then a dry hacking one that lasted almost three weeks. We saw odd rashes, red ears, first one then another. We saw dark circles under his eyes come and go, break outs, a few low grade fevers, sleep disturbances, a big spike in tics - especially blinking ones, OCD, and anxiety, and stool changes. We had headaches and tummy aches, on and off. We had an increase in stims - vocal and visual. We had drooling and some very odd movements - much later after the protocol was complete - Matthew told us about feeling like parts of him were hot or on fire or tingling or numb. The wild cherry bark drops have acetylcholine in them and apparently heal nerve damage - perhaps this is the reason for what we saw. We saw better social engagement, more moods, but also longer periods of calm and focus. We saw him try to smile, and succeed instead of grimace or frown, We saw a significant increase in meaningful temper tantrums and frustration about his inability to communicate with us, and increased hyperactivity, We also more language and attempts to communicate even without words - turning our head to look at him, pulling us toward things, pointing etc. and he asked questions - which he never did before, he was wonderful one minute and cranky the next. After a month of the foods we realized he was no longer reacting to pollen and many other allergens. He would respond to smells, which he never did before. He would go outside without a fight. He did not hold his head when he came back in. He could pat dogs and cats and was much less afraid of animals and more interested in them in general. He now has pets. He has rescue cats. Prior to the foods, being in a house with one could send him to the ER. After treating infections he appears to have no allergies at all anymore, but many improved simply with the addition of the foods with amygdalin.
This is what the microbiologist, Mr. Wiegman, told us about the changes we saw:
Will: THE COUGHING: Another way Borrelia shuts down part of the Immune System in the lungs, especially when the neutrophils are disabled due to an undiagnosed thiocyanate deficiency, is that it steals the hyaluronan that the body uses to move the cilia in the lungs to clear out allergens. Everyone has Lyme in them and most everything else too. Working neutrophils hold it in check. When they cannot, allergies and other health problems start to stack up as borrelia and every other thing inside us simply divides virtually unchallenged as the neutrophils oxidize instead of completing phagocytosis successfully. http://www.ncbi.nlm.nih.gov/pubmed/7968455
PHASE two - treating infections - This was a roller coaster for two whole months and afterwards too until the inflammation really started to heal after most of the infections causing it were eradicated. He was wild, moody, aggressive, had trouble sleeping, could not sit still and climbed all over the furniture. There was a BIG spike in the OCD and crippling anxiety: afraid of the dark, every light needed to be on in the house, even in the daytime, he looked at logos non stop and made almost non stop loud verbal stims from the moment he woke up til he would go to sleep at one or two am. He acted very schizophrenic. At exactly two weeks, he told us he could not swallow and he was terrified of choking. Will Wiegman, sent us a snapshot of the CSF with some handwritten notes explaining that when cysts open in certain places in the CSF impacts what is impacted and the symptoms seen. He told us to give it four or five days to let the minocycline work, and things would calm down. Everything is explained in the protocol of his I have included. It happened as he said, and in the timeframe of about four days until things got better each time there were symptoms.
There were headaches and nausea and some balance issues on Phase two and lots of fatigue followed by insane hyperactivity. It was a roller coaster until the end.
On day 48, I told Matthew to be quiet, and he opened the door and said, with perfect eye contact, just like a normal boy, “ I am fine, mom. I am just doing something. This is my thing that I need to do. It calms me down. I am fine. I am just playing. You are a good mom. “ And then he closed the door and seconds later the noises and ranting and weirdness commenced again. From that point on it just kept getting better though. The negatives became less intense and the healing became obvious. By the end of treating Lyme, phase two, Matthew was no longer presenting with the symptoms currently diagnosed as autism and we were amazed. His OCD was through the roof though, his anxiety was much better, and his language was still very stop and start. Word recall was still a challenge. You could see him try and find the right word, or any word, to tell us things. His memory began to improve. Long term was always excellent, but short term improved. He responded when called, the spaciness was gone. He no longer did verbal or visual stims loudly and all day long. He could sit and relax and did not climb all over the furniture.
PHASE III: treating Babesia with tribiotics and Red Root Tincture drops for Bartonella. At the end of three months of Babesia treatment and the tincture for Bartonella, he no longer had any of the most heartbreaking symptoms of autism or severe crippling PANDAS ones. The first month was pretty hellish, worsening of many symptoms again, as when we treated Lyme. Days with lots of fatigue, and very severe depression and weeping and wailing, I have heard of Mepron Blues, but apparently, at least in our house, treating with herbs creates the same response. It was all gone by the end of the protocol and his moods are stable now, and his OCD is mild. He looked very pale and anemic during treatment, and he needed liver support with milk thistle. Now we are working on viral issues and reversing an iodine deficiency and rebuilding his body and health after so many years of being disabled and ill. He is catching up socially and academically too. We plan to take him to a good integrative medicine doctor next to rebuild his body and strength after being ill and disabled for almost eight years. ***************************************************************************************Adriana A, son Autism age 8 Phase one: We are on the full dose of seeds, drops, and foods Another great gain today from phase 1. Derek was at church with me today we went to the bathroom then I was looking to the mirror and freshening up my makeup then Derek looked at me and said Mom you are looking great , look mom , look to the mirror you are looking great:) I just stood there with my mouth opened with that clear speech and all in his own talking to me. Wow, no doubt that the phase 1 is opening doors for more speech. *************************************************************************************** Amy MB: son, age 5, Autism, non verbal, seizure disorder OK, phase 1- we are now at 5 apricot seeds per day, 13 drops wild cherry bark drops total per day.
So much more compliant and happy but are pooping like crazy. 3 bms before school- one formed, two soft. A soft one at school and just had another huge soft one. Not diarrhea just thick, soft. He's always been regular, constipation not an issue but dang, this is a lot of poop! 4/3: Holy Moly! No honeymoon phase for us. 1st two days of phase 2 have been a beast. Is there a limit on how much milk thistle we can give? 4/15: B just pulled his shirt off and said "itchy". That's HHHUUUÙUGGGGEEEEEE!!!! **He's verbal but very primal "Chips!", "iPad!", "Hot dog!", maybe an occasional "I want____" in front of the demands but that's it. Nothing ever descriptive or to relay how he's feeling. Only once years ago did he cry and say tummy when he was constipated but not since. 4/17: He just walked to the back door, looked out and said "It's raining" and it is!4/25: Okay, wow, after a rough week he is doing better but we just had another poop massacre this morning. Haven't had one in over a year. For those unaware, my guy was not normally a poop smearer, but the first cbd oil we gave him wasn't concentrated enough so we'd wake up to what looked like crime scenes but with poop- disgusting. Anyway, we must have made a big kill b/c this morning, he was playing in his play room then came walking into the kitchen COVERED HEAD TO TOE in the foulest smelling poop you can imagine!!! He had smeared it on the walls, the floor, toys, books, drawers, face, hair,hands and feet. Hubby and I just finished cleaning everything up. He was super happy this morning, was terribly irritable afterwards but that could have been b/c he was embarrassed and hubby couldn't hide his disgust. Anyway, please pray we're clearing this infection 5/12: We are almost in the final stretch. Still having aggression but it has been hard to tell what from and it is MUCH less than it was. Nasty bout last night but then found out he ate gluten at school and we weren't told. Last week, nasty virus happened- vomiting, diarrhea, etc- two separate allergic reactions with swollen eyes. We ARE getting more interactions, more words, overall calmer. 5/20: Not another poop smearing episode so far - praise God! He's doing great. Much calmer and happier. Had seizure activity over full moon, as usual, so we upped cbd b7t - good otherwise. Also better since nac and Phosphatidylcholine His doctor is really pleased. *************************************************************************************** A S Prager: 4/13: I am also treating myself with the foods. Report on me...I have suffered terrible post nasal drip for years. I would say it is significantly better since starting WCB and apricot kernels! Not totally gone, but a lot of improvement. Andrea Stephenson Prager: daughter, age 14, severe PANDAS, son age 16, Severe PANDAS My daughter is acting way better since starting phase 1 and the foods. Her mood is better. She has started sneezing and realized that I never ever heard my daughter sneeze in her life. 3/25 Just a little report here. My extremely sensory picky OCD son ate an omelet today. He is 16 years old and never would touch eggs. EVER. We've had so many food issues with our kids. He loved the omelet. Totally unbelievable. Update: Did anyone notice more tics with protocol ? We are on week two of abx phase. My daughter has been hard eye blinking so much for one week. Herx? It started about 1 week into phase 2. Thank you!!!! WW's: On the surface of the eye is a protective part of the Mucosal immune system and on the inside of the eyelid are special sweat glands that are protected too. When this part of the Immune system starts to work again, it will clean these two surfaces of old toxins and bacteria. The eye tics will go away as the body and immune system heal.
Update Day 53 phase 2: My daughter is getting the weird measles type rash too. . When this rash clears will we see the gains others have? *************************************************************************************** Anna Belle: son, age nine, 85 pounds, severe Autism March 7 : Today I started my son on the protocol, he's 9 years old Started him with one seed which he ate straight up! Did 5 drops each of pinella, and wcb at lunch and dinner. 3/29: Today we started phase 2, antibiotics, first tindi then Mino with food. When I went to drop my son off for speech he said: " mommy I healed" I hugged him and cried! Update: I sent you a video of the horrible screaming ocd fits over car rides. Brutal. The car rides and bedtime are getting better, he still gets nervous and kicks in the car but is more manageable! We are on phase two now. Update: 5/21: We are on phase 2 and we have two weeks to go on antibiotics, six seeds and wcb 5 drops and five drops of pinella a day; He is finally sneezing like he has the cold! He could not sneeze before, like he was paralysed or something. An Immune system reaction that is normal! People should be able to sneeze. So happy here!! Doctors did not believe me when I told them my son never sneezes, never, no matter what. Other moms say the same thing in the group so now I know I am not crazy person. Many gains on protocol. He is sleeping much better and does not need his daddy next to him at night!!!! He is helping more around the house. He has more appetite. We will start phase three soon and the herbs. *************************************************************************************** Beth Sut: Lyme and co infections confirmed by labs, treated by Dr Dr Jemsek in DC, son Autism, Luke, age 10, also treated by Jemsek, but still had Babesia after six months of malarone plus a tetracycline, still had lyme and coinfections BETH Phase 1: 4/13: So I have not changed much other than the kernals. One other change that I noticed is that I no longer have any white spots in my fingernails. I thought this was because of pyrolluria, which I did treat and felt a lot better. Those white spots persisted. Now my nail beds have no white spots at all--all pink. I am trying to figure out why that would be after years of trying everything else. Also, my allergies are completely gone. I have used antihistamines for years. It is a high pollen count, and I can drive with the windows down. I have absolutely no allergy symptoms anymore.
WW: The Thiocyanate Deficiency is directly responsible for the Respiratory Immune System shutting down resulting in all the allergy problems. It will start to fix itself at the end of the first week of the kernels and foods rich in amygdalin properly nourished neutrophils handle common allergens with ease. Read the paragraph on Reactive Oxygen Species
Will Wiegman: https://en.wikipedia.org/.../Respiratory_tract...
Luke, ASD son, Phase 1: 4/16: Day 30 precursor foods only, Phase One So--as you know we are going slow, only on phase 1, but not up to full doses on foods (now at 4 kernels a day) and Luke is writing!!!! I have waited 9 years for this--tried all therapies...and now finally, he is doing handwriting. No longer getting sick all the time either. Able to handle pollens and allergens without needing antihistamines and decongestants
*************************************************************************************** Carla May: son age 10, 54 lbs, ASD, PANS, Day 22 (roughly) on apricot kernels and day 4 on WCBD and my son is experiencing mental anguish. He tells me he feels like he wants to hurt himself and he says he wants to die. We did go through a time 2 years ago when he was suicidal. I'm scared this will return during the protocol. He doesn't have antibiotics prescribed yet. Update: Haven't seen this red rash below his bottom lip in a while although it's come and gone for over 5 years. (photo) Sandra, you posted an almost identical one in the photos I see! We deal with PANDAS/OCD behaviours here although nothing has ever been officially diagnosed (besides the Autism diagnosis). Wow! I am beyond stoked! Something good is happening! Day 19 of kernels and day 4 of WCB. 4/13: So encouraging! Week 4 of kernels and WCB and my son had his first EVER real conversation on the phone where he carried the conversation! I couldn't believe my ears and giggled to myself the whole 5 minutes! Update: We are seeing much more irritability from him. He gets very frustrated and angry quickly. This used to last for hours but it seems to dissipate into crying and asking for help instead now. He seems much more tired and is sleeping more. I am seeing happier and more social behaviour at times as well. He had his first 'real' conversation on the phone last week which was huge! 5/6/16: update: Dr wanted blood tests for a baseline before she prescribes the abx for my son. Antibiotics have not worked well in the past. He had been on 1/2 dose of kernels for about a month when we got these results. WBC normal range but Monocytes are high now. I don't fully understand what Monocytes are all about in relation to the WBCs. Will Wiegman: Perfect! "Monocytes compose 2% to 10% of all leukocytes in the human body and serve multiple roles in immune function. Such roles include: replenishing resident macrophages under normal conditions; migration within approximately 8–12 hours in response to inflammation signals from sites of infection in the tissues; and differentiation into macrophages or dendritic cells to effect an immune response." Me: The drugs should work this time because the immune system is now. That is what those labs mean C. Congrats! And your doctor did the right thing, this group is about reversing the deficiency so that what doctors do will work, finally. The more doctors get baselines, the better. It raises the obvious question, why are we all so broken? SInce I don’t think anyone will believe the answer or care, we need those baselines. *************************************************************************************** Cathie C H: Child with seizure disorder, Autism March 9 at 6:20pm · Keller, GA, United States Apparently the seeds are magic according to the kids in Alex's private homeschool group. He played baseball and hit the ball, like 5 times and sang along to a bunch of songs today. First time he has done this and he has been going there for 15 months!!! March 22 : More improvements today! Watching the movie Bolt in the car on the way to school and I got, "Mommy, awwww this is the sad part." No one else would get how great that statement is except all of you. Update: I don't know what Diane Early & Will Wiegman are doing with their crazy seeds and drops, but I don't CARE! We are on day 16 and the overall gains and mental clarity are coming so fast I can't keep up! At dinner tonight, we went around the table asking questions and we learned Alex's favorite colors are red and blue, his favorite food is hamburgers and French fries and he want to be a police officer with handcuffs when he grows up!!! A week ago we would've gotten a blank stare followed by, "megasaurus chewed the car in half." Thank you..thank you God for blessing my boy with these wonderful people!!! 4/10; The herx is on!!! Totally grumpy, brain fog, tripping over his own feet, echolalia is bad too. Gave milk thistle and burbur. He is sound asleep now Phase 2, Day 4. 4/15: A-man had his worst seizure ever tonight. 4th dose of abx was yesterday...knee jerk reaction is to stop, but all his seizures seem to happen in the middle and/or end of the month. I don't know if there is any relation. 4/16: Alex is OK he's back to good old Alex my sweet baby we transferred him from Savannah up to the medical University of South Carolina where his pediatric neurologist is. Think they're going to release him today and increase his trileptal. He is very aware and his speech is so clear!! 5/3/16: A-man is doing so good! So good, the scared as hell feeling of it all going away is front and center. He followed a three step direction to the tee this am. Go upstairs shut off your toy, grab your juice cup and come back down and take your clothes off so we can get you dressed for school. A few minutes later he comes into my bathroom, naked with his clean underwear, his juice cup on the table and the toy upstairs off! I couldn't believe it! Then I tell him to go put on his shoes....one time folks...and he did! He fed his dog tonight, helped clear the table, emptied all the little trash baskets around the house...unbelievable!! P2 Day 41...added NAC today and it was a GREAT day!!! Very vocal, calm and happy P2 Day 42, First water park this summer...NO FEAR of anything today!!! Big slide all day!!! THIS IS HUGE for A-man!
Cindy St: His speech has gotten clearer since doing apricot seeds the wild cherry is making him super emotional. He is saying single words!!! 5/4/16: We are on full dose apricot seeds, 10 drops cherry bark for a month gonna start Pinella than phase two next week. Trying to get scripts for self on Friday. We have them for ASD boy and yes, we do have lyme! Boy age 8 ASD, PANS, PANDAS and apraxia. We are both doing well on phase one. Less moody, less tantrums and more calm. Still OCD and compulsive which I know now is inflammation from untreated infections. We have learned so much. Gotta start phase two. Was gonna wait for school to end but gonna start sooner.We have so much hope. Finally things make sense. Thanks for that.
********************************************************************************** Christina GJ: son age 12, 95 lbs, Autism and son, age 3, 36 lbs, Autism My 3yo had issues with a tear duct being blocked in his right eye as a baby, but it did open up eventually before we had to see a specialist. The first week on the seeds, he had 2 clear thingies come out of the same eye. No redness or agitation though. 4/1/16: We just received my 3 yo's IGG numbers last week and he is just below the reference range. We have been on the seeds for a little over a month with missing days here and there. He had been on them a few weeks when we did testing. It makes me wonder if they would've been even lower had we not been doing the seeds since he was always so sick before the infections. I’m thinking I may want to give it a few months and try testing again before we even consider IVIG! The doctor thinks he may not need it after all! He is not getting sick all the time. 5/20: For the 12 year old: I've noticed her allergies have been way better and she has been calmer. We got off track with the seeds this past week and she is having a horrible day today. I don't think it's a coincidence. With my 3 yo who is very mild we haven't seen as much except he seems to be pooping more which is wonderful bc he tends to be constipated.
*************************************************************************************** Christina Metnar ( not real name ): son, Autism 3/2: I LOVE wild cherry bark and apricot seeds!!!! ??????Here's why.... Last 2 weeks of using them: Less impulsive answering questions and with work at school - he got 90-100% on the tests he's taken over the last 2 weeks. He is finally able to show he is really comprehending the work. Reading: wanting to read everything in sight - this morning he woke up at 5:30 and read for 1 hour. Yes they are more basic books but he did it all on his own and was really excited about it! Language: (our weakest area) saying the most appropriate things at the appropriate times... Love this... Also in complete natural sentences.... Everyone has noticed this not just at home but at school. Frustration level: so much more tolerant of things that would normally set him off. Showing maturity and patience.Music class - this is something he has always loved - yet this year is the first year he ever participated (meaning before I started this) YET I heard from the music teacher this week that he's doing amazing- best she's ever witnessed- he knows all the words to the songs and the associated dance moves for the spring concert!!! She said he's taken things to a whole new level.
Phase 2: 2nd dose of ivermectin today.... Son is playing so much more with his brothers and since starting this protocol finally realized we have a dog!!! He walks the dog all the time! Actually get out the leash and takes him for walks around the yard. He loves to be with him!
THE HERX: Update: We are on day 13 of the stage/phase 2 of the protocol. WE HAVE A RASH!!!! First time ever since starting. This should be the week we "herx" I wanted to know if a rash is a sign we are about to herx or already herxing. He has a round rash on his chest and a oval rash on his hip. Both new as of today.
Day 14/ March 22 - 2 weeks in. We have brain fog! He put on his coat upside down, when his aide asks him to do a task that he normally would do at a rapid fire pace..... He's looking at her like she's speaking in q foreign language! This based on timing is our herx. Diane, this is a big deal for us and anyone with pans or pandas.... Handwriting improvements are a sign of healing. This was on my list of "signs" that I know things are changing. This is big! These foods!!! You can see how big it was and he had a very hard time with spacing of words and staying in the lines.
3/29: It's a gain!!! My son said to me "Have a great day!"I say this to my kids everyday when I drop them off but generally speaking none of my kids have ever said it back to me. Today I got distracted by a teacher so I wasn't able to say it and before Miles got out of the car - he turned and looked at me and said "Have a great day!" Yeah baby!!! "Have a great day!"
Also tonight - he was super engaged with me - I was videotaping him and he was messing around with me - going over to my desk, messing it up and laughing and smiling - looking me straight in the eye - I was telling him not to touch my stuff and he was totally doing it to get my goat! He also informed me his favorite color is GREEN.... not blue like he has told me since he was 4. He's more talkative and engaged. We are seeing changes. Without a doubt. Update: People are starting to notice!!! His swim instructor who he's been going to for 3 years said to me..."Has something changed? He's changed so much in the last month and a half... It's like a light switch went off and everything just makes sense for him. He's talking so much. It's like I am finally getting to know him." We started stage 1 February 20th and stage 2 March 9th. Update: Stage 2 - Day 24: He's drawing and coloring! He's had interest in coloring (a picture from a coloring book) in the past but never drawing a picture and coloring it. Especially from his own imagination. This is a new gain for us.... never had drawing without help and guidance (meaning his aide would make pictures for him - simple for him to copy example a square and a triangle to make a house with a few windows and a door - literally to teach him how to draw because he couldn't on his own)
Break through... My son is very rigid about his shirt being buttoned all the way to the top and his coat must be zipped up etc.5/22: Today he came downstairs dressed and ready to go and his shirt was unbutton - like Miami vice style! LOL It doesn't sound like a big deal but for a kid who could never ever go without everything buttoned up tight... This is huge. He would make them exactly the way she made them with no variation. The last few days... he's drawing up a storm and telling me what he's drawing - his ideas... the things he's thinking and interested in.... His own ideas - him in the lake swimming, on a boat, skiing, tubing.... he is drawing animals - birds, monkeys etc... This is new skill and interest... This GAIN is because of this protocol without a shadow of a doubt. We are day 35. My son is also emotional as well. He's not usually super over emotional but seems to be this past week.
Happy Mother's Day!!!! We just completed phase 2!!!! The very first words out of his mouth this morning... "We are in it to win it!" He looked right at me with perfect eye contact and a big smile. I told him "yes we are and we will!"First I must state we are not fully recovered yet..... If we could just get speech to explode - wow we would be there.
Regardless- Phase 2 brought some serious gains in gross motor and academics.My son is 8 years old and in 2nd grade for those who are wondering. Here is a list of everything that my son gained during phase 2: ( I'm sure I forgot some big things... I will put them in the comments if I do) He can finally ride his bike without training wheels - this made me so happy!!! He loves to ride his bike. He has improved across the board in all sports! He can get on base and hit the ball in baseball- he can field the ball so much better. No he's not as good as some of the other kids but compared to last year where he paid zero attention in the field and just ate the grass... This is huge. Last year he struck out every time he was up to bat... This year he hits the ball every time he's up to bat. ( prior to phase 2 we practiced hitting... He struggled so it was just last year it was less than 3 months ago he couldn't really hit). He's playing field hockey well, soccer much better etc.He can finally "pump" when he's on a swing He is adding double digits in math. Just 60 days ago he could only add or subtract to 20... So all single digit. Went from 2 + 9 = 11 to 22 + 75 = 97 .... That's huge!
He is drawing creative pictures with his own ideas.... Before he would only draw what he was taught.. A house was a triangle with a square and rectangle Windows... He would draw it exactly as he was taught by his aide... Now he's drawing everything he's thinking and making all sorts of unique and creative shapes, colors etc.His coloring skills also improved greatly. He now uses all different colors, colors in different directions and stays in the lines better.
His handwriting which was not great is so much better!He did make speech gains - don't get me wrong.... But we still have a ways to go.He moved up in a reading level over the last 60 days. We are still in a low reading group but who cares - he's making gains!He's more social with his brothers and friends at school but still not NT social yetHe loves music - he's singing all sorts of songs and requesting them by name. The fact he can learn all these new words and repeat them with the rhythm of the song is amazing to me.We had ups and downs during phase 2. We didn't get the big herx but we got behaviors that went away come back and go away again...What we still need and will continue to work towards as we start phase 3:Speech - we need better, longer, more complex and more conversational speech.We need to stop "quiet" squinty face verbal stims.We need more social skills.We need to continue to make academic gains. Can't wait to see what phase 3 brings!!!!5/16: Agh..... tribiotics - even 1 capsule a day is kicking my son's butt! I thought we were okay but not anymore. Only 3 weeks left of school. Going to wait until we are out of school. I will add in NAC and Phosphatidylserine in the meantime! He's really reacting negatively. We are just getting lots of behaviors, higher OCD, more "autistic" stuff than normal. Clearly it's killing stuff5/19: Back on tribiotics! This time only 1 capsule a day. Going to follow Will's suggestion of 1 capsules for 2 weeks on and 1 week off. So far so good!!! Also I added in Phosphatidylserine - strange thing I pulled it out last week to add back in now that we are in phase 3 but was a little hesitant to add it because of all we were going through last week and ..... Bam! Will posts about it being a good supplement to add during phase 3. Started it and already seeing good things! ********************************************************************************** Colleen CJ: Sarah's been doing well but not a lot of changes until today. We are on phase 2, second day of meds. She was very stressed at school and asked to go to the bathroom for the first time ever at school. This was not like her. After recess she had a good day. She read a book last night that was 10 pages long with 3 sentences on each page. Big improvement with reading. Ups and downs. ********************************************************************************** Danielle S: Three kids, all have Vaccine induced Autism So we are just ramping up on the amygdalin. We've already noticed some very noticeable gains in language and social engagement. I have seen some things these past couple of weeks that I have never seen before in my life. My kids playing video games -with each other, playing Legos - with each other, reading books - to each other. On their own. Without any prompting. Three. THREE kids with autism. It's just amazing. My son who is in the ATEC 'recovery' range (10 yrs old) has been really with it - even sharing things like what he wants to be when he grows up. Apparently he wants to be a businessman when he grows up. Selling things in a sports store or working at a video game shop Pretty typical response for a kid his age, I think! We will start adding in the WCB drops next week. So, with adding one drop a day until we get to 10 drops of WCB, we should be all ready to go for abx and just maintaining all phase 1 by April 7 and anxiously waiting when we can start
Phase II, on June 5. 5/2/16: So happy right now. Yes. My daughter is on a BIP, as per her IEP. This is her FIRST day, all year, that she came home with ALL smiling faces. To God be the glory! This is on just the foods, phase one. Cautious about starting Phase II and treating infections during the school year, due to the year we've had, and we will probably wait til summer.
5/15: Here is a positive update! I received a phone call from a teacher, for one of my sons. Just to say how well he has been doing these past couple of weeks. Issues with transitioning from more favorable activities are gone! He is 10 yrs old and, until a few weeks ago, would get very upset, cry, complain, get angry, fall on the floor, and act out EVERY time he had to leave a favorable activity (since I can remember)- from departing from play dates, birthday parties, visits with relatives or them visiting us, outings (like going to the park, the movies, skating, going to the pool), recess, gym, the mall, or even just a leisurely car ride. Most times they'd last an hour. Sometimes, until the next day.
All of a sudden a switch has flipped! He even had a fire drill in school, and it was no big deal. Earlier this year he was pleading with me to not go to school anymore JUST IN CASE they had a fire drill that day. They even have to pre-warn him and line him up at the exit door, with noise-cancelling headphones and he still hates it. This time he was cool as a cucumber! Thanking my Heavenly Father for this blessing and these foods ********************************************************************************** Daphnia C: Just an Update. My son is almost two weeks on the kernels and the WCBD drops ... he is doing pretty good. He has a runny nose ...and he is starting to show some signs of a PANDAS flare...frequent urination (might be a UTI too) I know this is not PANDAS since he does not show any behavior issues (the OCD ) that normally happen...so we are pretty happy on how he is evolving. Update, 5/12:My son is 10 years old, Lyme positive, Babesia and Bartonella negative (I believe). We are in the second phase day 40 or so, he is doing great on antibiotics, he did not reacted like in phase 1. He is really improving steadily. My other son, does not have the pain on the legs and ankle as he used to have. Cognitively both of them are doing great. The older one has been included in the Gifted and Talented program. He used to be more like a ADD mild Aspergers (which is fading) I am in the second week of antibiotics and I am very tired... pain comes and goes (although I have a back injury) ... I am happy so far.
Gabby DV: two sons, autism, mom had cancer while pregnant and survived, all positive for lyme and coinfections Phase one foods: **********************************************************************************
Gail G: Son age 20, Autism and seizure disorder, 170 lbs, seizures, rage, SIB, GI, pain and migraines. Still increasing slowly. With seeds and pinella and tons of amygdalin rich foods as well a ketogenic diet. Phase 1: Slow gains everywhere. Communication, sleep, skin colouring, general mood improvement.Still cycles through the moons. After seizure with happy times that change with time to rage and Sib until seizure. And then we do it again. The bad is not as bad and the good is better. That's huge for us. At his age we had lost hope, so the fact that he can still heal is amazing. I have to make an addition and then wait to see if after cycling to a seizure he is happy again and then I add. Otherwise he just flares and flares. About to have a seizure. Building since last Wednesday. That means rage self injury everyday since last Wednesday that will stop once he has seizure. Crazy, like a reset button. There is no doubt that these foods help him.
Finn Mac Cumhaill April 15 at 6:02pm This is from yesterday ( video of child playing and interacting with his brother) day 23 of phase 2. Liam seems to be over his herx for now. He is much calmer, and more importantly, more patient with his baby brother! Update: day 58 phase two: (VIDEO) the only way I can show Liam's patience, which is new, is to give proof. His baby brother stealing his homework like this even one month ago would have caused a meltdown rage. Maybe he is just maturing. I am hoping pulse is helping with this too. As you can see, his autism is still very much present. We are on day 58 of phase 2. ********************************************************************************** Deanna N: Today is 60 days of phase 2 for my gal. Unfortunately we did not get amazing turn the corner moment like Diane. No regrets here though. The real progress I have seen with my gal is with PANDAS symptoms. She is more like her old self, the kid I knew at the age of 8 before PANDAS struck. She's happy, vocal tics are mostly gone, no OCD, anxiety down. She is singing again and her words are clearer. She definitely seems more with it. For ME: I was getting some discomfort in my teeth - it was dull and would come and go. Prior to starting this protocol, I had a mild case of TMJ do when I ate anything like vinegar or kombucha I would get a sharp pain in my jaw. I'm halfway through phase 2, and this is gone. No pain with pickles or sauerkraut or kombucha, it's awesome!

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Heather D: son, Autism, severe Phase 1: 3/31: So much awareness today. Despite the irritability and ocd (which has diminished a little) there are improvements. These are some things he's said today (verbal but not conversational): - as I laid on the couch sleepily at 6 am he said "mom, are you tired?". - his sister was asleep in the car and he kept saying "sissy, wake up please" - even though they drive each other, and me, crazy in the car! - I was blowing on his tummy tonight making fart sounds and he kept saying "ewwww gross!" - he called his dad and dad asked him what he was doing. He said "speaking". Update 4/13: Phase 2: He has his 3rd dose of abx tomorrow. "I'm having fun mommy!" His sentences are coming along but for this to be one it's great ? He's been so happy since I got home from work. I can't say he's a typically happy child. He started a new diet a while back and did very well with it until a few months ago when we had pretty drastic behavioural regressions (not playing anymore and just watching TV and always mad/grumpy). I hope this playfulness sticks this time because it warms my heart ? HD
5/3/16 We are having a tea party and he is drinking from a cup! He only ever drinks from straw cuppies. His rigidity is becoming less and less. He’s even eating frozen blueberries which is different for him. He had a rough couple of days right before these gains with red cheeks and crying frequently - and just not himself. Then gains. I hope it means his immune system is fighting hard!What day of pulse does the child stop having 2 hour long meltdowns when you say no to them? 5/9: Not really expecting an answer. Kinda venting. It’s been that kinda day/4 days or so. Self injury is up and so are meltdowns.5/12: He just peed on the potty before his bath! said the bath is” awesome” -bath time is always a fight, he washed his face and poured water over his head -well let the dripping facecloth drop water on his head! Day 47 I think. He was having a rough few days that it seems most have had close to day 40-45 ish. **********************************************************************************Heather LC: son, autism,severe I'm interested in seeing how my six year old's J on the phone with daddy today...Dad: did you have a good day?J: yeah i greatusually he would just reply yes or no. Our rough days from about day 41-45 seem to be much better.5/11: And he wanted my phone and i was trying to avoid letting him have it. He says "give me phone already" lol! It was the first time he’s added in the 'already'. Give me phone isn’t new at all ********************************************************************************** Heba Al-Atiyyah 4/14: Hi everyone I have started the protocol 10 days ago with apricot seeds. In the beginning she had temperature and was very calm. Now things changed to the opposite very active and throws tantrum a lot. Also what I noticed she has a I am not sure if the thrush is a detox or something else? Update: I am doing it gradually. We are at two weeks. 4 days ago I reached 4 seeds and she started to be hyperactive. But after seeing non stop movement for 4 hours, she had an ABA tutor. That day she performed the best. She responded better to her tutor. Now she is on 3rd day wcb **********************************************************************************Jaimie P: son, autism, 12 non verbal5/10: Phase 2: day 4: great school day! Hey, this isn't so bad! And got through his whole horse riding gig tonight....Which is a first these last...8 weeks. 5/14: Just curious if giving my kid phase 2 stuff is affecting me....got strep all of a sudden. So funny....pretty much all this healing stuff started with a bout of strep we both had EXACTLY 5 years ago today. That is when he stopped trying to speak. Anyhow, hope these abx will prevent him from getting it. Day 9 phase two.....haven't heard the normally constant deafening vocal stim in about four days. Eerily quiet. Swear I heard an approximation of "yogurt" Son is completely non verbal so hopeful...Phase 2 Day 12: I sure hope this is the rough time spoken of. He smashed my ipad banging his head on it. In a general rage. Seems to have calmed down with 10 drops of burbur. 5/21: Phase 2 day.... Day 16 or something.....this weekend family we haven't seen since August visited...when nephews walked in, my C went up to both and gave them kisses! Never happened before! all good in the hood here! Thankfully, I'm fairly used to sibs, aggression, etc. he did give himself a bloody nose this morning but that could happen any given day. Way more good than bad! ********************************************************************************** Jiji Lewayan: My husband’s allergies are almost gone full 6 AK and 10 drops WCB for 1 month!!! He has suffered from them for years. He is amazed. ********************************************************************************** Jocelyn Kelly: Stage 1 Precursor Foods/Amygdalin for 3.5 weeks. Speech therapist just texted best session ever. They go to a farmers market and he rides train every week. He usually insists on a seat alone. Today train empty except for one kid. He insisted on sitting with the kid. This morning at school he got all stuff out of backpack and was ready to walk in class unprompted. He insisted on waiting for his aide though and asked in a full sentence which is cool. **********************************************************************************
Joni St: February 29 at 5:05pm · Mesa, AZ, United States · 3/08/16 - Day 8: Starting wild cherry bark drops tonight! 3/06/16 - Day 6: We are up to full dose of 1.5 seeds morning and night. He was amazing at the zoo! He wasn't super interested in the animals but he behaved well, even on the train, was quiet and stayed dry all day. Yay! Noticing he is listening really well at home. Following directions the first time he's asked. 3/03/16 - Day 3: Had his Parent/Teacher conference today! Both teachers asked what we were doing because "Yesterday and today have been his best days so far!" Really?! We're just getting started! May 1, 2016 : 45 days on full dose phase 1. Just the foods. ATEC drop from 85 to 48. We have smiles now!Happy dance! 4/12: Just wanted to report a huge gain!For the first time IN HIS LIFE my 7 year old told us what was hurting. He was groaning and my husband asked, "What's wrong buddy?" And he held his forehead and said, "My head." ?????We are only on seeds and WCB (huge ATEC drop so far and even his MET report says, "Teacher reports ___'s parents have started a new supplement (seeds and drops) and that his negative behaviors are less extreme and less frequent, better attention, socialization, following directions, and speech" !!!!AND he finally allowed his hair to be put up. Yay!
Joniva L: 8yr 32kg asd . Day 37 abx we were close to stopping protocol due to seeing nothing good or bad but then something told me to up seeds before giving up we were on 2 seeds and 10 drops wcb because of oxalate issues but since upping seeds to 4 a day he instantly got a blocked mucus nose . It has also started bleeding this is something we had a lot of when he first regressed but thru treatment nosebleeds went away ... I'm thinking infection in sinuses he has also started putting pressure on nose the way he used to years ago . I'm just happy to finally see signs of immune system working !!! ********************************************************************************** Julie BC : severe PANDAS, son, age 13 Prior to beginning the protocol my son was getting weekly IVIG and PEX blood transfusions, was on multiple antibiotics, and could not cease antibiotics therapy without becoming ill The neurologist in charge of my son has been so pleased with the changes. He has two children with autism and decided to introduce the amygdalin rich foods to their diet based on this case. April 4th: Our ds has been stimming, throwing himself on the floor, making loud noises, going out of his way to bug his sisters.... Still doing it, but somehow calmer than normal. Today we were at a hotel with a saltwater pool and for the first time EVER, he asked me to show him how to swim. He's always been too hyper and ADD to listen, and would fight learning, this time he did!! And he was able to do a decent crawl , 4-5 strokes. Can't tell you how exciting this was!
Update 5/20: 13 year old son, 105 pounds, vaccine injured- high functioning PDD-NOS, Lyme, Hashimotos, ADHD, - regressed when we started the apricot seeds- we saw stimming, increased rage and meltdowns (though they did not last as long as previous) red face and on day 7- we ramped up to 6 immediately both he and DH developed severe sinus congestion and drainage. Sinus drainage lasted for about 7 days or so. He had bright red cheeks, did not sleep as well. We were initially giving 10 drops of WCB in am and PM- made it so he could not sleep.
Phase 2- day 28 and we've switched to 5 drops WCB in am and 5 drops Pinella at lunch. DS is learning new things- learned how to swim a couple weeks ago, having in depth conversations and last night told my dh WHY he has been so mean to his sisters and us for YEARS.....he feels the need to exact revenge, so he knows it bothers us when he makes noises and CONSTANTLY interrupts during a movie for family movie night. Because he knows it bothers everyone, he makes noises that are specific to each person - designed to irritate- and he also interrupts. He's committed to being "nice" to his sisters for the next 2 days- we'll see..... **********************************************************************************
Julianne O.
5/25: My son did yesterday a water faucet of pooh. He had this going on way before I started with this or any other protocol. Behavior wise very good
Kate M: Working up slowly. 10 drops of pinella per day, and half a kernel every other day. Can't get hold on non fermented WCB, so sticking with pinella. Ordered wheatgrass growing kit and juicer! Have phase 2 supplies ready to go once we get up to full phase 1. Doctor is on board. We are ready. Only negative from stage 1 has been waking up during the night once. Seeing nice gains - less OCD, clearer speech, improvements in drawing. The recent gains in the group have been amazing! Quick update 5/20:: Phase 2, day 3. It is the abx Honeymoon mentioned in the threads. Very calm and content. It's eerie...a house without constant verbal stimming or tantrums. **********************************************************************************
Kathy Lynn: Son is 25 and weighs 160 lbs and has severe autism Stage 1- 14 days working up kernels and WCB drops. Today at 8 apricot seeds (taken throughout the day) and 12 drops per day divided am and pm. Have to go slow otherwise seeing more hyper, impulsive behavior. Speech continues to improve when he's calm. Haven't seen cold-like symptoms at this point. I will now try to get the drops up to 20 per day. Have the abx but will continue with stage 1 slowly to keep him calm and cooperative. Some hand biting and taping objects, but he always does this. Update: Thanks. I've been holding out a little in believing that this treatment will be effective for my son who is 25 years old already. Yes, moms, the time really does go by. Yesterday, T ate the full number of seeds (8) and today we saw him turn a corner. Asked to draw a Magpie (bird) in the art program and wanted to wear a ball cap, which he never does. People who go out of their way, making sacrifices to others, really truly are life-savers to others. Thank you from the bottom of my heart. XOXOX 4/10: I understood that an adult dose of WCB is 30 drops per day. T was sensitive to the drops so I went really slowly. He's up to 22 drops divided into am and pm doses. He eats 8 kernels/day. Sleep is good. Last night when I was explaining how his immune system is healing he said that his brain was getting better. He is severely affected by autism and has no conversational ability, although he is verbal. He also used the term Autism on his own for the first time. We are on day 5 for abx today. It's interesting and hopeful for us.
5/4/16: We're just over half way through phase 2. My son is a seizure kid (adult now). The seizures have been stabilized for quite a few weeks now. Seeing calm and controlled behaviours as well.
5/11: Yesterday was day 40 in phase 2. My son Taylor, who is 25 and many years past preschool, started to sing the Barney Song. "I love you, you love me...." He sang every word to the whole song. I had totally forgotten the lyrics, but out they came! So lovely and meaningful. Don't know exactly where we'll end up on this protocol, but for now I'm really excited about the direction we're going. So thankful for the blessings.Thank you. We all have to realize that autism can't rob of us of love. Not to or from our kids. ********************************************************************************** K H son, Autism, 5/3/16These spots appeared and spread and grew until they broke open. It happened all at once and with it incredible gains that everyone noticed! I felt like I was getting my son back while he had these spots. This is just on phase one and very low dose apricot kernels. The rash is viral, or so we think. He sees his doctor tomorrow.
Kimberly M H: I will be 52 next month, and have been sick for about 26 years. Diagnosed with Lyme and Babesia 20 months ago. For the past 26 years, I have been diagnosed with a variety of illnesses. Hypoglycemia, Rheumatoid Arthritis, Fibromyalgia, Trigeminal Neuralgia, Chronic Migraines, Chronic Hives, brain lesions, cognitive decline, short term memory loss, POTS, Thoracic Outlet Syndrome, Mast Cell Activation Disorder, Carpal Tunnel Syndrome, leaky heart valve, etc. I have not been able to walk since January 1st. I have been in a wheelchair. Since starting the seeds 10 days ago, I graduated from wheelchair to walker, and just since yesterday, I am able to walk/hobble short distances without my walker. I am only up to 3 seeds and two drops of WCB per day, with P5P and iodine to date. Thank you for sharing about the deficiency.
Katie M: Autism, daughter, severe
Phase 1: So many great improvements.
Phase 2, just finished day 6. On phase 1 for a month. Started great, many improvements on phase 1, but started showing increased OCD, anxiety and irritability during the week prior to starting phase 2. She has been in a wonderful mood since starting phase 2. OCD has been knocked on the head. She's smiling, loads of energy to play, improvements in expressive speech, social interaction. It's been wonderful
Update: You were right about the honeymoon on abx, and we just hit our first herx as borrelia is let loose so it can be killed. It is the “good bad” and we are ready for it. It is starting.

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