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Anyone heard of Diplorikettsia or Rikettsia Massiliensis? Had this come up in testing...

Posted: Fri 6 Dec 2019 19:14
by pcm123
I've been sick with myriad of symptoms for past 8 years (since age 28). Over the years tested positive by several modalities for Miyamotoi... but never Lyme. Have still been having symptoms after an 'ok' period so started some more testing. Miyamotoi tests are no longer showing positive, however a GI based test I had showed Diplorikettsia (aka Rikettsia Massiliensis), which is a tick borne pathogen as well. Looking in the literature it does cause human illness, but I can't find much about it here in the U.S. but apparently I do have it in my body.

I am trying to find a way to test for it in my blood, to try and confirm it is indeed an issue, and then try to figure out treatment. I have had doxy and it is apparently still present.