Learning about Internet forums

Here you can socialize and have fun with other board members, and talk about all sorts of topics that are not related to Lyme disease.
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Learning about Internet forums

Post by cave76 » Thu 19 Mar 2009 19:01

Tripcodes and capcodes
Main article: Tripcode

In a tripcode system, a secret password is added to the user's name following a separator character (often an octothorpe). This password, or tripcode, is hashed into a special key, or trip, distinguishable from the name by HTML styles. Tripcodes cannot be faked but on some types of forum software they are insecure and can be guessed.

Moderators and administrators will frequently assign themselves capcodes, or tripcodes where the guessable trip is replaced with a special notice (such as "# Administrator"), or cap.

Main article: Personal message

A private message is a message sent in private from a member to one or more other members. The ability to send so-called carbon copies is sometimes available. When sending a carbon copy (cc), the users to whom the message is sent directly will not be aware of the recipients of the carbon copy or even if one was sent in the first place.[example 1]

Private messages are generally used for personal conversations. They can also be used with tripcodes-- a message is addressed to a public trip and can be picked up by typing in the tripcode.

Hit-and-run posting refers to a tactic where a poster at an internet forum enters, makes a post, only to disappear immediately after.[1] The term comes from the hit-and-run crime on auto vehicles, in which the driver hits another car causing an accident and runs away. It is also known as making a "drive-by" posting, a play on the phrase drive-by shooting. The post often consists of a lengthy text making lots of claims that can be, but are not always, on topic.

Another variety is the sole posting of a URL or link that leads to material that might be used as a discussion primer, but with no added opinion of the poster. It differs from plain spam since forum spam often is posted by spambots, while hit-and-run posting on the other hand is done by a real person. Also, while spam mostly consists of advertising, hit-and-run posts usually have at least some bearing on the topic at hand. However, since the poster doesn't stay around to defend the posted material, or even discuss it, it is considered disrespectful,[citation needed] especially by forum regulars who tend to be angered by the fact that the hit-and-run doesn't become obvious until some or several replies already have been made.[citation needed]

Hit-and-run posting often follow the principle of "throw enough in and some will stick", where the poster hopes that even though he/she will not defend the post, it might at least persuade someone of its merits, and sometimes its motive is plain flamebaiting. Answering hit-and-run postings after they have been diagnosed as such is sometimes considered "feeding the trolls" and is therefore discouraged.[citation needed] Hit-and-run posting tends to occur more frequent in debate on controversial topics.[citation needed]

The term "hit-and-run posting" is sometimes used, unjustifiably, against people who don't have as much time to spend on a forum as others and therefore have trouble keeping up with the posting pace.

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Re: Learning about Internet forums

Post by cave76 » Thu 19 Mar 2009 23:15

A thread's popularity is measured on forums in reply (total posts minus one – the opening post) counts. Some forums also track page views. Threads meeting a set number of posts or a set number of views may receive a designation such as "hot thread" and be displayed with a different icon compared to others threads.
http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Internet_f ... inistrator


http://www.lymeneteurope.org/forum/view ... f=8&t=1514

There were many other congratulatory replies. I of course had to put mine here. :mrgreen:

Note the date 2008

Rita had some good comments also.

LymeNet Europe Turns One!
Postby admin » Fri Jul 25, 2008 1:06 pm
LymeNet Europe turns one, and has grown well.

On 25 July 2007, the LymeNet Europe (LNE) board started. At the time of this posting, 1465 topics have been started and 11162 messages have been posted at this board.

Currently, over 1000 new messages are posted at the LNE board each month. And numbers are growing.

Board statistics

Board started: Wed 25 Jul 2007 21:06 UTC + 1 hour [ DST ]

Number of posts: 11162
Number of topics: 1465
Number of members: 188

Visitors Overview

Page Views: 500,000+
Visits: 48,000+
Unique Visitors: 12,000 (estimated)

Re: LymeNet Europe Turns One!

Postby cave76 » Fri Jul 25, 2008 1:26 pm

Now's the time for Yvonne to post one her fabulous cartoon/pics!

Re: LymeNet Europe Turns One!

Postby rlstanley » Mon Jul 28, 2008 9:49 am
Congratulations to you Martijn!

Thanks for the hard work in making a site like none other in LymeLand: a site where folks can discuss tricky topics without fear of being deleted, hucksters aren't enabled in preying on the desperate, and smarm and bully methods for crowd & thought control aren't encouraged.

Let's hear it for questioning everything, ESPECIALLY 'authority'.

Keep up the good work.

From 'troublemaker' Rita.

I think that's a pretty impressive amount of posts and views.

Today the total is

Total posts 17830 • Total topics 2360 • Total members 304

I, personally---- said she shyly----- contributed 3024 of them. (Must be doing 'something right' or at least adding to the popularity of the forum since I've been a member since Aug 2007.) :bonk:

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Re: Learning about Internet forums

Post by Joe Ham » Thu 19 Mar 2009 23:53

Cavey wrote:I, personally---- said she shyly----- contributed 3024 of them. (Must be doing 'something right' or at least adding to the popularity of the forum since I've been a member since Aug 2007.) :bonk:
Or maybe it just shows the resilience of the board. (Ooooh I'll catch hell for that.)

Seriously, of those 3024 some of them were very good. I look forward to more.


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Re: Learning about Internet forums

Post by cave76 » Fri 20 Mar 2009 0:31

I look forward to more.
Yvonne has posted TONS of science abstracts. Go to Science forum.

I'll probably just post 'stuff' that gits the hits. LOL

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