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PLEASE consider this worthwhile cause

Posted: Wed 15 Apr 2009 6:14
by Fin24
The British Airways- Great britons contest
please vote for Karl Hankinson

he was a founder for a wonderful project in Uganda while still a college student mind you, that has aided thousands and continues to help.
Please read about the fundraising and the person behind it and allow the group to succeed!!

read about his story and how he got started using the link above.

in his own words, the reasons for this project:
Last year, I and two other volunteers headed out to Uganda for 7-months to initiate the ‘wannabeamazin’ project; a simple idea, which attempted to give people something to look forward to, through recreational activities. Our work focused on developing a community ‘centre’ where we could initiate a number of worthwhile programmes. Having now piloted these programmes, we are looking towards the next stage of the project. Our ‘Resource Centre’ is currently run out of a disused classroom at the local school, which will be unavailable in a year’s time. We are therefore tasked with constructing a building that the community can use to house all its programmes, as well as a much needed health centre in the village.

We have spent the last two years developing an idea to run a fundraising football tour across East Africa, giving people from this country their chance to do something amazing with us – one of the key fundamentals of our initial idea. We are looking to help fund 15 players to come on what would be a unique experience, not only to give an insight into our own projects, but also to show the good work of other charities in the area. The players will get a real opportunity to visit local communities and ultimately, help fund our work. The money that such a tour would generate would cover the total cost of the building for a new ‘Health and Resource Centre’, as well as covering ALL of our on-going costs for a whole year. All of this is in addition to the feeling of good-will that such a tour would create within the communities we visit.

We do not have a budget for advertising on events like this, and many people are put off by the high prices to places such as Uganda. I first went to Uganda when I was 25 but wish that I had taken the opportunity earlier, as it proved to be such a big inspiration in my own life. We are now looking to inspire other people, give them their chance to do something amazing, and in doing so help us achieve something amazing as well!

thank you for your consideration--all it takes is a VOTE..not money

more about this great group

we need more young people like these in the world!!!

Re: PLEASE consider this worthwhile cause

Posted: Wed 15 Apr 2009 17:28
by cave76
I couldn't find a place to vote--- (not send money) without signing in. Is there an url?

Re: PLEASE consider this worthwhile cause

Posted: Wed 15 Apr 2009 20:02
by Fin24
go to the FIRST url at great britons
look for his name and group picture
just to the right is a RED button saying " vote for me"
press it and it registers--no money necessary!!

Re: PLEASE consider this worthwhile cause

Posted: Wed 15 Apr 2009 20:04
by cave76
Thanks. Done.

Re: PLEASE consider this worthwhile cause

Posted: Wed 15 Apr 2009 21:58
by Fin24
these kids are very legit and deserve to be commended!!

Samantha just told me that she met them this past fall/winter in Uganda and theyre " for real". After their student project they not only returned after graduating to give more aid, the formed many projects for several villages and then started the 'wanna be amazing ' project that has done SO much for that area.

3 young kids with a dream, making a difference!!! actually DOING some good!!

we need more of this!!

please vote