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"Pathological" hope

Posted: Wed 15 Apr 2009 17:18
by cave76
“pathological” hope. It’s a world-view that’s seductive and uplifting and ennobling — all of that — and yet, evidence and common sense suggest it has nothing to do with setting (and implementing) realistic goals, establishing (and observing) priorities and, perhaps most important, recognizing valid limitations and obstacles. ... 08c48cb45c

I hope that all our Friends in all the Friendly Lyme forums read this.

Re: "Pathological" hope

Posted: Wed 15 Apr 2009 22:34
by Fin24
whats your take on realism with a dose of healthy hope vs this pathological hope which used to be called in some circles " denial"??

all hope isnt bad--just the "hope" that prevents realistic assessment of what "is" and what can possibly "be" and also that which refuses to separate it from the " cannot with any probability be"

Its great to hope those planted seeds will emerge and in a few weeks provide juicy tomatoes--but if planted in cement you have to accept that it can never happen.