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Re: Information about microscopy (for the member who asked)

Posted: Sat 7 May 2016 2:13
by fastuno

Tick juice & 2 drops .9% NaCl (salt) @ 400x & 1000x oil.

I noticed that when adding .9% NaCl to my Lyme blood, that it inhibits the release of the spirochetes or string-like structures. I wanted to see if the same was true for tick juice & to buy more clues.

When compared to my previous 2 video links below (RODI addition), the NaCl inhibits spiro vitality.

RODI water addition (from prev 2 videos): Shows no spiros directly after prep & within the hour more & more come out of cyst to show themselves. When they come out they are stagnant & within 24 hrs they build vitality & movement and can zig-zag/spiral across the slide.

.9% NaCl: Spiros can be seen promptly after prep & they continue to come out of cyst form within the hour & throughout the 24 hrs. But they only bounce around without any vitality & within 24 hrs most no longer move & appear to be dead. Whether they can be further cultured or are pathogenic is still in question?

I expected the spiros to be more viable with the .9% NaCl, as this is a salt solution that is isotonic & used in hospitals when they administer IV's & less viable in RODI water. I have witnessed the pattern of spiro in RODI water a few times already & know the pattern. It is shocking to witness the opposite of what I thought would be true with salt & RODI additions.

Lyme Disease spirochetes (Borrelia?) in a tick P1

Lyme Disease spirochetes (Borrelia?) in a tick P2

You can buy .9% NaCl online if you want to verify.

Re: Information about microscopy (for the member who asked)

Posted: Mon 30 May 2016 18:47
by fastuno
I captured another cyst formation in my Lyme Diseased blood. The transition goes from atypical spiro -> to "Tennis Racket" form -> then to cyst. Check the Youtube description for detail.

Full morphological sequence in this video: Atypical form -> "Gun Holster" -> "Tennis Racket" -> Cyst.

You can watch the long play of the same video, without the 8x below.

Below you can watch more cyst forming videos from other Lymies, who also check their blood.

***Atypical spiro to "Tennis Racket" form & then to Cyst (Discoid Gemma type) directly in HUMAN BLOOD. Tennis racket forms are widely known & seen in Borrelia obtained from ticks & wild grown in culture.

Another precious cyst formation capture that stops mid way at the "Tennis Racket" form.

Partial cyst forming video, from "Tennis Racket" to cyst morphology:

Re: Information about microscopy (for the member who asked)

Posted: Tue 4 Oct 2016 17:38
by X-member
Statement of the BCA-clinic on the documentary entitled “Snyd eller Borrelia” of the Danish channel TV2 on 29.09.2016 | October 01, 2016 ... 9-09-2016/

A quote:
the BCA-clinic does not offer dark-field microscopy

Re: Information about microscopy (for the member who asked)

Posted: Mon 9 Jul 2018 8:33
by X-member
From professor Morten Motzfeldt Laanes homepage. ... 6#comments

Question (may 7 2018):
is the method to find Borrelia in blood a fake?
Best regards
Reply from professor Laane (may 25 2018):
No, they can be detected in the same preparations with species-or strain specific fluorescent strains that only bind Borrelia. Several strains are now known.
Edit to add:

If someone have missed it.

Professor Laane and Mysterud developed (invented) a new microscopy method that could make it easier to find spirochetes using a microscope. And when professor Laane and Mysterud talk about chronic Lyme borreliosis they talk about the original definition of chronic Lyme, ie late Lyme borreliosis (stage 3), which is the definition of chronic Lyme that is used in Norway but also in Sweden and in many other countries.