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Really neat story about a different type of zebra

Posted: Mon 8 Feb 2016 2:27
by ChronicLyme19
This isn't the CVID type of zebra, but a woman who had to fight to prove she had two rare gene mutations. Zebras do exist, and zebra zebras exist. ... c-mutation

Edited to add:

"Dr. Garg, who has studied lipodystrophy for 30 years, says that Jill and Priscilla are the most extreme cases of muscle development he has ever seen in lipodystrophy patients — on opposite ends of the spectrum, of course. What might be causing that?"

I wonder if that could be why some people with chronic Lyme develop extreme immune reactions like GBS, while others of us develop extreme immune deficiencies? If we could all have issues with the same gene that makes us susceptible, but just produces results at opposite ends.

I think it's a pretty brilliant idea to study the two extremes of conditions TOGETHER, in order to pinpoint the cause of the disorders. Just fascinating if you ask me...

Oh a side note, I find it really odd that my brother is allergic to just about everything under the sun and yet I have an immune deficiency and allergic to nothing.