Martian, and others-New forum???

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Martian, and others-New forum???

Post by Fin24 » Wed 11 Jun 2008 5:55

Id like to suggest a NTS--Newbie Team Support area

what I envision is a TEAM--rotating group of 3-5 that volunteers for about one month ( rotating from a larger base group)agreeing to read/post/contact others on the team at least 1-2- times each day.Id hope that we can agree on giving valid accurate info thats been fact checked and quickly amended if errors are found.If we arent sure or cant find info, that we ask others more able or willing to find out.IMHO emphasis on having a well experienced knowledgeable health professional on board.We need to reach out to all the other Lyme sites placing ourselves at the forefront of helping newbies, while maintaining our growing reputation for science/fact based non-foo foo info.

Id be more than happy to join with Rita, Martian, Minitails,Cave, Claudia etc--those of us at this for so long and experienced in digging for answers ( and maybe, like myself, tired of spending inordinate amounts of time refuting BAD advice given elsewhere). The basic Team would of course have more than the core 3-5 so that none of us has to invest time in it more than every 3-4 months--ideally,-- but can of course be agreed upon that all of us can and should keep an eye and "help" whenever--even if not on that month's active Team.

to answer questions and monitor this area specifically for newbies and those "confused" by other sites-Many cant or wont plow thru the many areas here and cant find what they want quickly enough and become frustrated or overwhelmed--then off they go to LN and other sites and either are ignored for days or get such blatantly bad advice its gotten awful!!

Im suggesting the following inclusions or sub areas:

-FAQ's- static-only added to/altered by the "team" to avoid a lot of messy changes and conflicting info
this can be further can be divided into
what Lyme and coinfections are ( maybe even add where theyre prevalent geographically)
valid and questionable treatment protocols
tests and their limitations/applications
do you need an llmd

yes this info is available elsewhere and even here but having it on one list makes it far easier to look at + find.

-Tips--on how to find out stuff ( most importantly how to find out how valid the info may be)
to find: Drs, support groups, importantly how to figure out what books, websites, articles to take seriously and which to be wary of ( a sort of how-to )**[see note below]
on how to get thru insurance nightmares--general advocacy stuff
on how to get into LLMDs with long waits, how to decide which tests/tx etc
on how to talk to relatives etc
on how to deal with schools, employers etc

- Q and A's--the actively changing and posting area can be here--where newbies can post q's and hopefully get an accurate response and/or info on where to go for more info within a day at most.I envision some of the answers, if often enough, may end up in the FAQ area.

there has to be a way that anyone can add info but it gets vetted by the "team"...or that the team with Martian's help can edit/insure accurate safe and timely info.Maybe a separate thread/comment area that can be added to and from by others, from which we then pluck out valid info to place on the more static FAQ area once we check it out?? in my mind the FAQ should stay "pure", and as valid as possible.

We can put an intoductory paragraph at top asking newbie readers to look over the FAQ and Tips first and then if they have other questions or need explanations or something not mentioned, they can post on the Q and A thread below.
and we should also have a brief bio about who the team members are so that anyone reading the Q and A's can trust the info

REASON- a void that needs filling desperately

its become apparent that LN and MDJunction and similar sites falls behind in accurate support of the newly diagnosed and/or urgent requests for answers; plus the recent exponential increase in Lyme et al has a LOT of people scrambling not only for answers but confused about what and whom to believe.Plus we have to counter the recently nauseating upsurge of books and websites and other money grubbing scammers.

NOTE-** I am currently amassing pages for a publication that is a "how to for how to's"--in other words, how to know which of the many how-to's to believe, which have conflicts, which publishers dont bother to fact check; how to look at studies or treatments or practitioners to see which are valid, why blurbs and other recommendations to buy a book, DVD, etc are often to be ignored, etc etc.Id be happy to share a lot of that within this Newbie
area as my reason for writing the book to begin with is to protect as many as possible via educating them in how to protect themselves!**

Martian...can we do this??? what are the possible issues to address??? and who else
is on board with this??
I think we should have a committee/group that can openly share our "qualifications" and reasons to want to be a part of this and then agree on whom to accept onto the team. May I suggest the least qualifications be:having experience with this disease for over 3 yrs; some sort of educational ,medical/health, journalistic and/or science background with experience in research or investigative journalism; willingness and ability to cite and/or insure validation of information;willingness to have a "team" attitude etc. From there we can decide amongst ourselves how to divvy the time up and how to write the static areas and have them posted

what Im thinking we need to do is the following
1. have a group of us discuss WHO should be part of the core Team ( set the qualifications, needs etc)
and should we limit to members from here only?
post this list of qualifications along with a mission/purpose statement and ask for volunteers with a 1-3 paragraph of them giving their qualifications and maybe do it in Q and A form like:
Q-What is your name ( LNE and real name- the team must have real info to "trust" that info given out can be trusted too)
Q where do you live ( city, state, country)
QHow long have you had Lyme/coinfections
QWhat is your educational background?
Q what qualifications do you have that you feel will be important to the team?
Q Do you have experience in research/investigations etc ( even if only with your own personal challenges with Lyme)
Q Are you willing to devote a few hours a day for a month at a time?
QWhy do you wish to be a part of this team?

2. Discuss the volunteers and decide on the actual core Team members ( some may be probational)

3. decide the rotation of volunteers from the core group- assign which months to which members

4. decide on the topics and what theyll include ( including which should be static--that is unchangeable except only by the Team)

5.decide how we will discuss among ourselves anything that may arise( PM or email or other expedient method), and how to affect changes when necessary

6.As we will be under the auspices of LNE,admin will obviously have final say with (hopefully) a willingness to agree if there is a team consensus

what do you all think??


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Re: Martian, and others-New forum???

Post by Cobwebby » Fri 13 Jun 2008 5:25

I did read this soon after the original posting.

My initial thought was-newbies are easy to spot-and usually self explanatory.

The one reason for a newbie section I can see is that the Medical/Science/General section can be intimidating only in the sense that most of the articles posted are beyond me.

Inspired by Curi we could call it "Stupid Questions" :D

In thinking it through-I suppose a place , clearly inviting newbies to feel free to ask any questions related to Lyme would be useful.

Asking people to commit to monitoring forum for the sake of making sure Newbie is"taken care of" seemed a bit too structured. I know I am always hesitant to commit to anything ,knowing how much my level of comprehension , coherence and ability to engage can fluctuate.

In a nutshell ;) ,A forum clearly designated for the confused,timid, seeking Newbie is a good idea. But I don't know if it has to be so organized or structured. Seems like a lot of work. I think we are all watchdogs.

When is a newbie not a newbie???? Some of us never graduate!

Remember- you are proposing this forum when you are on top of your game. Could you have been so ambitious two weeks ago?
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depends on our dispositions,
and not on our circumstances.
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Re: Martian, and others-New forum???

Post by Joe Ham » Fri 13 Jun 2008 6:38

I'll vote against another sub board just because the index page is already busy enough.

And besides, LNE already has a board for support called Support & Stuff.

And the quality of support on this board was just demonstrated by the thoughtful and accurate replies to Ryan.

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