My Story

Here you can introduce yourself and give an account of your medical history, visits to physicians, results of treatments, etc.
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My Story

Post by precious007 » Thu 26 Apr 2012 20:54

Hey guys,

I finally felt that it's time to start sharing my story, with everyone in my fight with my health condition that's been going for 8 years now -

I have simply had enough from the doctors that are mostly unable to come with a proper diagnose, most of them even denying Lyme Disease as a chronic illness, whereas I feel sick most of the days.

Lyme has deteriorated my health both physically and mentally - and yet over 20 doctors have denied the possibility of having Lyme disease, at least in my country (Romania).

You can read about my journey from now on, and what I have learned about the disease on my site. Recognizing the illness, getting some proper testing and the right treatment is part of treating this illness, the most important aspect I believe that is - the right attitude and that is love sharing and positive thinking.

you can read my entire story here - My Lyme Journey - Not Yet Diagnosed

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