Brain trauma and Suicide

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Brain trauma and Suicide

Post by Cobwebby » Fri 4 May 2012 23:33 ... topstories

Los Angeles (CNN) -- Junior Seau's family will let researchers study the former NFL linebacker's brain for evidence of trauma, San Diego Chargers chaplain Shawn Mitchell said Friday.

Since news broke that the former Chargers linebacker killed himself Wednesday with a gunshot to the chest, there has been speculation about whether repeated hits to his head over his 20-year pro career could have been a contributing factor.

The family made the decision to allow the research in hopes it will help NFL players and others in the future, Mitchell said.
While there was no evidence Seau suffered from chronic traumatic encephalopathy (CTE), a degenerative disease brought on by multiple concussions, friends and family have stepped forward to say the legendary linebacker suffered a number of hits to the head during his career.
CTE- another invisible killer?

Duerson committed suicide, shooting himself in the chest in 2011 and leaving a suicide note that said he wanted his brain studied for possible damage.

Cause of death may not be concussion or neuroborreliosis but it is still of value to study the brains of the deceased for possible damage .
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