Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

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Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Sun 7 Jul 2013 7:24

Cured! I first contracted Lyme Disease in the Spring of 2010 from a tick bite. I was in Robbinsville, North Carolina, USA.
I had the classic ring on my upper left arm but was unaware of Lyme Disease and thought it to be ringworm as I was working outside a great bit.

Within 3 weeks I was in such pain that I went to my hands and knees in the street one evening walking to dinner. I went to the local clinic the next day where could not pin down what was infecting me but it was found that my white blood cell count was extremely high so they put me on Cipro, 500mg, twice daily for three weeks. The initial symptoms subsided but I continued to have recurring joint pain and other problems.

Since I have a degree in sub-cellular biochemistry from Indiana University in 1972 but did not work in my field of study I decided to bring myself up to date on current knowledge. First thing I discovered was that joint pain = Lyme Disease. I then took it upon myself to read as many abstracts and full research papers as I could find on research done on Borrelia.

What I found out was this. Lyme Disease is easily cured using a non-standard antibiotic protocol. Doxy is taken for joint pain but only one pill which will knock out the joint pain overnight. This can be done in the first 3 weeks. It will knock out over 95% of the actively dividing spirochetes. However, Dr. Eva Sapi has proven that Borrelia will go into the cyst form in an hour and a half after exposure to Doxy so taking more than one is pointless. At this point you must switch protocols...

The full cure will only come by using a combination of two antibiotics that can cross the Blood Brain Barrier to get to the spirochetes and cysts forms trapped in the cerebrospinal fluid. The common European strain B. garinii is especially quick to cross the blood brain barrier, usually within the first week.

When problems of the nervous system occur, take one Minocycline and one Tindamax together, pulsed every other day or every third day, for at least 45 days. These two mild antibiotics cross the blood barrier and will kill Borrelia as it is dividing or after cell division as it is closing up it's cell walls. Borrelia can sense antibiotic levels around them and pulsing them allows the level to drop below their detection levels which makes them active again so that the next pulse can kill the dividing ones.

It takes a week or two for the Tinidazole (Tindamax and Flagyl can also be subsituted) to start to kill off the egg-like cyst forms in the cerebrospinal fluid and other parts of the body. It works even though the two forms are not actively in the process of cell division which is the only time the Minocycline or Doxycycline are able to kill them.

Please note that Tinidazole uses up a LOT of Vitain B6 so before you start taking Tinidazole you should make sure you take a 50mg B6 vitamin supplement once a day or the equivalent in food sources before and during the time you are taking Tinidazole.

You have to continue taking the Mino/Tindy combo once every other day for at least 45 days because the spirochetes can go for at least 42 days without dividing and the egg-like form can go for 9-17 days before it has to develop into a spirochete. A 60 day protocol would be optimal to kill off any biofilm colonies hiding in the white tissues of the body where there are no capillaries.

Taking only one dose of each of the Mino/Tindy combo every other day keeps the spirochetes active because they can detect high levels of antibiotics and will go dormant if they do. Both antibiotics have a sufficient half life, 22-24 hours half life for Mino, 18 hour half life for the Tindy (the amount of time for half the original dose to be cleared from the body) and Borrelia takes roughly the same amount of time to divide. Ideally you want to keep the saturation in the Cerebrospinal Fluid at the minimun killing level of 0.6 mcg/mL.

Please read through the rest of this forum thread for all the scientific research papers that back up this successful protocol!

If digestive problems occur take one Bactrin or one Fluconazole to kill the yeast bloom usually causing it.

If new symptoms show up, take the appropriate type of antibiotic depending on symptoms but again, only take it/them once.

After about 3-5 weeks you will find you are feeling much better and that the only thing left is 'brain fog' from the remaining Borrelia being trapped in the capillaries of the white tissue of the brain. They steal the ATP from the pre-capillary sphincter muscles and trap themselves in some of the capillaries.

For 'Brain Fog' you will need the amygdalin in the form of 10 drops of Wild Cherry Bark extract or the seeds of one apple every other day or 10 drops of Pinella or two or three apricot kernels, or a months worth of Celestial Seasonings Red Zinger Tea which contains lemon grass, licorice, and wild cherry bark. All of these contain trace amounts of amygdalin.

You need the Thiocyanate formed from the Amygdalin to kill of the final remnants hiding in the cerebrospinal fluid.
The immune system uses he Thiocyanate, stored in the liver, to kill off bacteria and eliminate the dead ones as well as maintaining the Lactoperoxidase-Thiocyanate-Hydrogen Peroxide System in the mucus membranes of the lungs, sinuses, mouth and throat. It is the 'firewall' of the Immune System and stops bacteria, viruses, molds and fungii before they can enter any cells of the body.

There is also a product called Novodalin which is a processed form of Amygdalin that will also work.

The -SCN formed from the amygdalin in the amounts of 5 mcg per day will not harm your body's cells as all of them are capable of producing an enzyme, Rhodanase, that turns the -CN into harmless thiocyanate. Borrelia cannot do this and it kills the last of them!

After this protocol you will be completely cured with no chance of relapse unless you are re-bitten.

I was in fact re-bitten in the Spring of 2012 and used this procedure to cure myself a second time in 60 days! I continue to this day to be free of Lyme symptoms.

If you switch to a diet rich in whole grains, nuts, fruit seeds, beans, and edible greens you will maintain your immune system at 100% and enjoy a new level of health you have not seen in a long time!

Thiocyanate + a full daily minimum required dose of Iodide will kill off viruses too!

Good Luck and God bless!
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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Lorima » Sun 7 Jul 2013 15:12

Please excuse me if I seem tactless; I'm assuming your post was made in good faith. But your protocols seem unlikely to me, a cell and molecular biology PhD. One pill of any antibiotic is going to reach such a low peak tissue concentration, and for such a short time, that it is unlikely to have any effect. I realize that Gary Wormser et al.'s claims about one-dose prophylaxis at the time of the tick bite might seem to support the general idea, but I don't believe him either. ;) (Though if I happened to have some doxycycline in my pocket when I got a tick-bite, I'd certainly start taking it immediately.) This is the right place for speculation and personal experience, but please be modest in your assertions. Please cite your references, and avoid jumping to conclusions. And please avoid using names of those researchers doing original work in LD, to support claims that don't really follow from their work. They get enough grief from the medical establishment, without this.

Best wishes for your continued health, sincerely,
"I have to understand the world, you see."
Richard Feynman

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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Tue 8 Apr 2014 11:17

The reason most people can't get rid of Lyme is because they don't understand that Borellia, when attacked, can make Blebs (the common 'cyst' form) containing m-RNA and Super Coiled DNA which under the right conditions can form into one new spirochete.The m-RNA forms the soft fatty primitive egg often refered to as the 'cyst form' although that is a mis-nomer. Willy Burdorferi had great pictures in his original paper. Adrenaline is needed by the Blebs so they end up in places like your Isles of Langerhans or the surface of newly formed cancer cells.

Open the Beerman2000 pdf link on this webpage: ... f=5&t=3902

Scroll down to figures 13 & 14 on this webpage:

Here is the paper on Tindamax (Tinidazole) killing the blebs: ... ci_arttext
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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Tue 8 Apr 2014 11:19

The one huge fault I see in most protocols is that they ignore the findings of Dr. Eva Sapi who has determined that Borrelia which are not in the process of cell division, which is when most abx's kill them, will change their form or literally run and hide in the white tissues of the brain beyond the blood barrier within 1 1/2 hours of being exposed to abx's.

Or they will produce multiple blebs which are even smaller which are carried into safe havens by the blood stream. These small cysta forms can go up to 9 days before they have to 'hatch'.

'Brain Fog' is caused by Borrelia spirochetes who have inadvertently trapped themselves in the capillaries of the white matter of the brain.

At the junction of each capillary in the white matter of the brain where it connects to arterioles, there is a tiny single smooth muscle that closes off the capillary for a few seconds in a random order so as to allow oxygen and nutrients to disperse and CO2 and other waste matter to be absorbed into the blood stream and taken out of the brain tissue.

The spirochete's have an Outer Surface Protein that allows them to attach themselves to this smooth muscle and steal it's ATP for themselves.

This blocks the smooth muscle from opening back up the capillary to blood flow. The red blood cells die and get trapped in the capillary.

You have millions of capillaries there so it won't kill you but robs that tiny part of your brain of some of it's oxygen.

Open this article: [ ... at.1000090 ] and scroll down to the paragraph titled: 'Three-dimensional visualization of spirochetes interacting with the host microvasculature' and look at Figure A. You will see a Borrelia spirochete attached to the Precapillary Sphincter Muscle.

The capillaries can repair themselves by creating a film over the trapped dead blood cells and splitting open along that side, dumping out the contents, and then closing up the split. The dumped material is where the plaque comes from in Alzheimer's, which 'brain fog' mimics.

Because the dumped dead red blood cells contain Iron, the body releases Reelin [ ] from the hypocampus to clear out the toxic iron molecules.

Reelin has many functions in the body but one of them is that it helps to control your ability to walk in a straight line.
A weaving walk if a major symptom of Lyme Disease.
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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Tue 8 Apr 2014 11:25

The biggest change in most ILIAD Doctor's protocols is changing from Doxycycline to Minocycline after Dr. Eva Sapi's lab work revealed that Borrelia move to the round body form within 1 1/2 hours after being exposed to Doxy. ... line.shtml

Here is an excert of what she found:

"Doxycycline treatment increased round bodies by ~275% (Figure 3B). Out of this population ~270% were alive and only ~5% were dead.

Tinidazole treatment reduced round bodies by ~94%, but in the remaining 6% of the population only ~2% were dead.

Tigecycline treatment reduced round bodies by ~96%, but in the remaining 4% of population only ~1% were dead.

Metronidazole treatment reduced round bodies by ~68%, but in the remaining 32% of the population ~15% were dead.

Amoxicillin treatment reduced round bodies by ~32%, but in the remaining 68% of the population ~30% were dead (Figure 3B)."

Here is her group's paper on their work on how Borrelia can shift their forms in response to different abx's.

This is basically why one would need to take Minocycline and Tinidazole or Tigecycline together at the same time.

Both stay in the system long enough to be able to pulse them every other day since Borrelia takes 22-24 hours to replicate.

It takes Tinidazole about two weeks to break down the cyst or round body forms so there will be a big herx at that time.
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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Tue 8 Apr 2014 11:33

Borrelia is seperated into different strains but really they way they did it was to take samples of them from the skin of some donors and the spinal fluid of others and then do an RNA analysis.

All of the 12 American strains were basically sensu stricto but differences seemed to be whether they exhibited OspA or not.

OspA is the Outer Surface Protein that Borrelia uses to attach to the ticks gut.

OspB is the Outer Surface Protein Borrelia uses to attach to the tick mouth lining. It also acts as a diversionary antigen (and chemokine) since it is discarded once the spirochetes become established in the mammalian host.

OspC is the Outer Surface Protein that Borrelia uses to attach itself to the underside of human skin after it is injected by the tick.

This third protein OspC, which it can make and excrete from either end, allows it to multiply while protected from the bodies now activated immune system within the Bullseye Rash. The tick saliva creates a ring of evasins around the bite which are a cytokine compound which binds up the T-cells and chemokines that our immune system throws at the tick bite.

Once the spirochetes have grown in numbers large enough they disperse into the myelin layers, fatty tissues, muscles and capillaries and are on their way.

The classification of strains is usually regional and vary from country to country but that is mainly because the different strains exhibit multiple Outer Surface Proteins depending on which kind of mammalian host they were carried by between the nymph stage and the mature tick stage. (There is an apparently cloned strain in both the US and Europe that showed up in 2008 with no variations in it's OspC and corresponds to the 10-fold increase in new cases that started that year world wide.)

Borrelia would need different Outer Surface Proteins, for example, to bind to the underside of the skin of a White Footed Mouse that the one they use to bind to human skin tissue.

I think they can make 28 different Outer Surface Proteins and other variations of OspC depending on the mammalian host for a total of 44 different variations. These have NOTHING to do with how antibiotics kill them.

Having that many potential antigens is also confusing to the immune system and can lead to the T-Cells seemingly attacking the body's own cells when there are remnants of Outer Surface Proteins lost by spirochetes in the pursuit of nutrients is has to pull in through porins.

It is these lost Outer Surface Proteins labeled by the immune system that cause the seemingly Autoimmune symptoms of diseases like MS.

It would have something to do with whether our immune system can detect them after we have developed antibodies to the ones in our blood stream about 6 weeks after infection if it is not treated right away with antibiotics.
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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Tue 8 Apr 2014 11:44

The Swedes have known about Lyme in the nervous system for 25 years! Here is a research paper published in 1990. They tested recently bitten subjects and they were able to isolate spirochetes from the spinal fluid of 4 of them who had the 'stiff neck' symptom along with facial palsy, etc.

The 'stiff neck' symptom is probably caused by inflammation of the Superior Cervical Ganglion located in the neck.

According to this paper, B. garinii nearly always goes neural.

The time range from initial infection to being able to culture it from spinal fluid ranged from 19 DAYS to 22 months. (It would be possible to culture it after more than 22 months but they were using new patients for the test).

This pretty much means that if you don't get a full cure within 3 weeks of being bitten you are already 'Chronic'!

When Borrelia gets into your spinal fluid by crossing the Blood Brain Barrier it will create a kind of 'Survival Cycle' as the fluid flows from the spinal column back up into the cranium when one is in deep sleep early in the morning hours.

That is why it is necessary to use a pulsed dose of 1 Minocycline + 1 dose of Tinidazole together, once a day, every other day. Both can cross the Blood Brain Barrier and last longer in the spinal fluid than in the other body tissues.

In defense of Mino over Doxy, Mino crosses the Blood Brain Barrier much better than Doxy. ... line.shtml
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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Tue 8 Apr 2014 11:50

This is a good graphic of how the capillaries in the brain create an endothelial film to isolate pathogens and notice that note d, specifically states

"d, Ultimately, if the plaque does not rupture..."

Hence, my previous statements that it is when they DO rupture and dump the plaque into the white matter that Reelin is used up to remove the iron from the dead red blood cells trapped in the plaque that the weaving symptom appears. ... 96_F1.html

The way capillaries clear the debris is by splitting open along their surface outside the protective film, dumping the debris, then healing the split back closed again.

The debris becomes the plaque of Alzheimer's when nothing is done to eliminate the pathogens.
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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Tue 8 Apr 2014 12:02

The secret to a total cure is amygdalin from your foods and supplements like Pinella and Wild Cherry Bark extracts, and fruit kernels like apricot kernels or seeds like apple seeds.

Apple a day keep the Doctor away!

Look at this food list again. And make it your own!

Many people (except Vegans) worry about the -CN molecule released when amygdalin is metabolized. This is what kills Borrelia and many other pathogens as they have to defense against. All Human cells can make an enzyme, Rhodanase, that neutralizes it into thiocyanate which is stored in the liver to be used by the immune system or flushed out through normal processes.

Thiocyanate is stored in your liver for use by the Lactoperoxidase-Thiocyanate-Hydrogen Peroxide System (LTHPS) which is a sub-system of your Immune System. It is active in the lungs, mucus membranes of the mouth and sinuses and the surface of your eyes. The LPO system is like the 'firewall' in your computer in that it's purpose is to stop bacteria, molds, fungus and viruses at the surface instead of letting them invade the cells.

The LPHP System also neutralizes allergins in the mucus membranes of the sinuses!

The LPO system must be maintained at peak performance through maintaining full levels of stored Thiocyanate in the liver and getting sufficient amounts of n-acetyl cycteine from your food to metabolize it.

Iodide and Thiocyanate both work in the immune system to kill gram negative bacteria by irreveribly stopping the respiration processes according to this old research paper that used E.coli as a test medium. ... 7-0132.pdf

The importance of Thiocyanate as the body's most important antioxident can be found in this paper:

Safe intake amounts of amygdalin can be found in this British Government finding: ... 200615.pdf

Specifically this paragraph...

29. The range for the acute lethal dose
in humans is 0.5 to 3.5 mg/kg bw.
A 100 fold uncertainty factor (10 to a
ccount for inter-individual variability and
10 to extrapolate from an effect level to
a no effect level, taking into account
the steep dose-response relationship) c
ould be applied to the lowest lethal
dose. This would indicate that a dose of 5μg/kg bw would be unlikely to
cause acute effects, ie. a nominal ac
ute reference dose (ARfD). This is
comparable to the TDIs of 12 and 20μg/kg bw/day established by WHO and
CoE respectively.

"This would indicate that a dose of 5μg/kg bw would be unlikely to
cause acute effects, ie. a nominal acute reference dose (ARfD)."

One apple seed has 5ug (micrograms) of amygdalyn in it. That means it would be safe to eat one apple seed a day for every kg or 2.5 pounds of body weight with no detrimental effects at all.

Basically this amounts to an amount of seeds you would find in a daily intake of the whole fruits.

Cooking foods at temperatures from 165-195F is important as the amygdalin gets destroyed about 210F.
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Re: Cured of Lyme in 60 days!

Post by Will Wiegman » Tue 8 Apr 2014 12:11

The general idea is:

*You kill the actively dividing ones with the Mino + Tindamax (which kills them when they are actively reproducing).

*You kill the blebs with the Tindamax or Tigecycline (which disrupts their DNA replication).

*You kill the active ones just cruising around (not dividing or spewing blebs) by adding the Pinella or Wild Cherry Bark extract drops to your daily favourite drink. ( Ten drops of either once a day will work or chewing the seeds from one apple a day, or 3 apricot kernels which would give you about 25 micrograms of amygdalin.)

I took the Doxycycline only when there was severe joint pain (as it's presence stimulates the formation of the cyst or round body forms by the spirochetes not reproducing.)
I took the mino+Tindamax when there was stiff neck, back pain, speech hesitation, staggering walk, couldn't remember things, in other words neural symptoms.
I took the Bactrim and Fluconozole for digestive problems caused by yeast blooms (only once or twice each really over the inital first 6 weeks).
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