Statement of "Elena Cook"

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Statement of "Elena Cook"

Post by hv808ct » Wed 3 Sep 2014 4:52

Re: Eva Sapi study about new Borrelia blood culture test
Postby LHCTom » Tue 15 Apr 2014

ALS should really ask Lisa Masterson aka "The Biowarfare Lady" Elena Cook to stop defending them as she sounds a bit wacky. They need to respond with some "real" science and not a bunch of blaming, accusing, wild ranting and ramblings. The sad thing is there is a group of hardcore Lymies controlling Lymnet as admins by removing anyone that disagrees and at the same time seem to think this Elena is fabulous and helping them. WOW. Its just as bad as the IDSA dogma gang.... just a little less controlled...

Sometimes even LymeNut’s adminstrators have to step in and restrain its craziest members. Case in point, the recent removal of E. Cook’s Lyme-is-a-bioweapon rants. Curiously though, they still let her post repetitive, rabbling harangues of paranoia and delusion as long as she doesn’t say anything mean about anyone on LymeNut or any of LymeLand’s quack doctors.

I can’t help but think that this is not what Marc Gabriel envisioned when he built the LymeNet listserv back in 1993. I’d love to know what he thinks of it now, after 20 years of devolution.

But I digress…. I meant to note the almost complete failure of mental health meds and therapies in modern medicine when it comes to paranoia and delusion. Ms. Cook, eager to get free of the UK’s mental health authorities, apparently signed off on the below confession* and promised she would “no longer be campaigning on Lyme disease.” At least until they released her. It’s reminiscent of the agreement a woman in CT. worked out with a criminal court in which she promised to stop bother people with LD conspiracies, was released, and promptly went back to sharing her delusions with the Internet.

It’s hard to protect people from themselves, harder still to protect the rest of us. Reading through Cook’s tour of her imagination, it seems she may have contacted families who had lost relatives to various accidents and suggested instead that they were killed for reasons related to Lyme disease. I can only imagine what consternation that might have caused grieving families. Yet, LymeNut tolerates such things and through that tolerance encourages more of the same.

Maybe Mr. Gabriel can pull the plug on his creation.

Welcome to the home page of Elena Cook

To whom it may concern

I would just like to say that after having discussions with people who really do have the welfare of myself and my family at heart, I now accept that I was mistaken about many things which I have said publicly for the last several years.

I now understand that neither I, nor anyone close to me, had Lyme Disease. This is clear to me now because we were told so by doctors advised by Dr Susan O’Connell, who is an expert in Lyme Disease. Although I was very critical of Dr O’Connell, Dr Steere and others in the past, I now understand that these are highly experienced professionals who know what they are talking about.

I further understand and accept that the internal portion of the 41kd flagellin antigen is of no significance whatsoever, and if it shows up on a Lyme serology test, this means nothing.

I also understand now that virtually any physical symptom known can be the result of psychosomatic phenomena, even muscle spasms, abnormalities of the pupils, and severe cyanosis of a limb. I should not have questioned the judgment of Prof. Simon Wessely, much less organised a demonstration against him, when I have no training or expertise in psychiatry and therefore am in no position to question his theories.

I now understand and accept that all the matters that I have written about, which I thought in the past signified that Lyme is a biowarfare issue were actually just co-incidences. For example, the membership of many Lyme scientists in the EIS is a co-incidence. The involvement of Lyme disease experts such as Allen Steere, Mark Klempner, Alan Barbour, Edward McSweegan, Phillip Baker, David Dennis, Gary Wormser, Jorge Benach, Raymond Dattwyler and many others with biodefense work does not imply in any way, that their involvement has anything to do with their work on Lyme disease. After all, Willy Burgdorfer and Ali Karami are also biowarfare scientists, and both have taken the opposing view to the US public health experts on various aspects of Lyme.

Although the evidence is that there was research done on tick-borne pathogens in WW2, and although the Nazi biological warfare scientist Erich Traub and the leaders of the Japanese Unit 731 were recruited to the US biodefense effort, those facts do not in any way prove that Lyme disease is related to biological warfare.

Whilst I did write publicly in the past, that the UK Lyme scientist Dorothy Carey told patients here that all her most important tick-borne disease work was classified, this was the result of hearsay form people who had actually misunderstood her.

Likewise, ME/Chronic fatigue syndrome has nothing to do with any of these issues. The reason the experts in the 2002 enquiry had to sign the Official Secrets Act, I now understand, is because this is a formality that is always done in enquiries of this nature.

Furthermore the involvement of Dr David Wright of Imperial College and other borrelia experts in drawing up the Oxford criteria on ME/CFS has no special significance. The reason they participated is because they had been clinically involved with ME/CFS patients, and nothing to do with their work on borrelia, then or now.

I should have taken advice from the founder of the Lyme disease patients’ movement in Britain, Gill Reese, when she indicated to me that I should never have spoken about Lyme being connected with biological warfare. As an experienced campaigner she must clearly know what she is talking about.

I apologise also to Craig Coady for the misunderstanding that resulted in my believing, and saying publicly, that a small number of people who work as forest rangers in the UK are party to an unethical agreement with the British government which protects them from Lyme disease in return for complicity in activities that endanger public health. This is not what Craig was told by his highly-placed contact.

I also accept that although Eugene Shapiro testified against me in court, he did not do this because of his role as a consultant to the US insurance industry, but because, like Drs O’Connell, Steere etc., he is genuinely concerned about the welfare of patients. The very fact that both he and Dr O'Connell testifed against me without accepting the usual fees paid to Expert Witnesses, proves that they had only the highest ethical motives for doing so.

I further accept that the death of Tracey Mawby was an unfortunate tragedy which had nothing to do with foul play. I no longer believe that any members of the IVEM or CEH such as Sarah Randolph had anything whatsoever to do with that tragedy. I would like to apologise to Miss Mawby’s family for any anguish I may have caused them by insinuating that Tracey’s death was due to anything other than a tragically undiscovered cardiac defect.

I further apologise to the family of Brandon Brei for any anguish I may have caused them for insinuating that his death was not accidental. I apologise to Dr Durland Fish if anything I wrote in the past may have implied that he was responsible for Mr. Brei's tragic and untimely death in Puerto Rico.

In both cases coroner’s verdicts found no evidence of foul play, therefore I should have accepted that these were simply accidents.

As a result of so many misunderstandings and false assumptions, in 2006 I came to believe that I was under surveillance by agencies of the US Dept of Defense. I now accept that I was mistaken, and that I was never the subject of wire-tapping, computer hacking or any other similar activity. The computer expert who testified in court that I was hacked by US military agencies was mistaken.

The dramatic improvement I witnessed in people close to me after antibiotics, and the apparent cure which appeared to prevail after the drug mebendazole, were not what I thought. The illness was psychosomatic and the improvement and apparent cure were the result of what is known as the placebo effect. In any case there is no scientific reason why Mebendazole, which is a drug used in worm infestations, should act on Lyme disease, a bacterial infection. As a nurse I should have known that.

I apologise to the former NIH Lyme programme officer Dr McSweegan for my allegations that he harassed me and sent me death threats. He never did anything of the kind.

I will no longer be campaigning on Lyme disease as it has nothing to do with me or my family. I will concentrate instead on helping my children overcome the terrible suffering they have undergone as a result of my making so many mistakes. I hope that the authorities will now help me stop that suffering and give them the chance of a better life.

Elena Cook

*I think this statement is from early 2010. I was unfamiliar with most of the names mentioned above and had to look them up online. Sorry, no HTML code.

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Re: Eva Sapi study about new Borrelia blood culture test

Post by duncan » Wed 3 Sep 2014 14:20

I have three questions relative to the above post by hv808ct:

1) What does the post have to do with Science?
2) What does the post have to with the subject of the thread, i.e., Eva Sapi's study about the Borrelia blood culture test?
3) What are "rabbling harangues"?

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Re: Eva Sapi study about new Borrelia blood culture test

Post by velvetmagnetta » Wed 3 Sep 2014 14:26

hv, what is it with you and Elana Cook? Why do you bother her so much? These posts sound like they were written by a spurned ex-boyfriend of hers. She's obviously in a lot of some kind of pain - whether it's from Lyme disease or multiple other diseases - why does it matter so much to you?

From that letter she sounds rather intelligent and very good at tongue-in-cheek writing. You bringing so much attention to her actions just helps to spread her message more.

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Re: Statement of "Elena Cook"

Post by admin » Wed 3 Sep 2014 15:05

Previous posts split from LNE topic Eva Sapi study about new Borrelia blood culture test and posted into this new topic. Reason: posts are off-topic.

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Re: Statement of "Elena Cook"

Post by Martian » Wed 3 Sep 2014 15:17

For more information about Elena Cook, also see the following statement of her.

Statement regarding my Detention

Originally published by Elena Cook on 7 July 2006


I am writing this statement to inform my friends in the international Lyme Disease patients' movement and in the UK-based campaign "Illness Denied" about the events around my recent detention. However, some of what I am about to write has implications far beyond these movements, as it concerns an attack on civil rights in general.

Check source to read the full statement.

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