My Experience with Several Herbals

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My Experience with Several Herbals

Post by ChronicLyme19 » Sun 28 Dec 2014 20:55

Just wanted to post a summary of what herbals have helped me recover and which ones have had no effect.

Edited to add: Please anyone reading this, do not go off and start taking herbals on your own. You need to be monitored by a doctor or knowledgeable herbalist while taking these. Some are very strong and you need to have your doctor monitor the effects on your body/organs and interactions with your other medications.

Medical Problems
Lyme - Confirmed IgM, additional IgG bands early on
Suspected bartonella or bartonella like organism due to bartonella like rashes
Suspected babesia due to oxygen saturation below 85 with healthy lungs
MTHFR gene - homozygous two C677T mutations
Hypogammglobulinemia (total IgG was in 200s, all 4 subclasses deficient)

Byron White A-L
Byron White A-BART
Milk thistle

No Measurable Effect
Zheng protocol
Grape fruit seed extract


My doctor has me on grape fruit seed extract as an alternative Lyme cyst buster to plaquenil, but it's one of the few things I take that I'm not sure does anything. It's cheap enough that I take it in hopes it does. I've also tried the Zheng protocol and houttuynia with no effects positive or negative.

For me I had very strong responses to Byron White A-L formula for Lyme and A-BART formula for bartonella. I have had positive IgMs for lyme and some IgG bands early on. I have not tested positive for bartonella, but I get the bartonella like rashes when on levofloxacin. Since being put on rifampin for bartonella, I no longer flare on the A-BART. After several months working up on A-L, I finally stopped flaring.

Other herbs/supplements that have had measurable responses are serrapeptase. For the first few months on that I had several splinter blood clots show up in my finger nails, as it was breaking down blood clots. Before serrapeptase my blood was so thick I would not bleed after they removed any needles. I've also had much success with milk thistle in lowering my AST and ALT.

I've also had success with a mepron/cryptolepis combo to treat suspected case of babesia, with two rounds of mepron alone failing. I'm not entirely sure it was babesia as some of the air hunger has come back when they started treating the bartonella like organism. Although, my oxygen sat levels were trashed and did recover after the cryptolepis was added.

And for just about all of these, I have had the best success using these in combination with antibiotics. One or the other alone seems to not be strong enough but together they seem to really work well for me and my combination of problems.
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