Caudwell Lyme Disease Charity Website

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Caudwell Lyme Disease Charity Website

Post by Martian » Mon 4 Jul 2016 18:09

Caudwell Lyme Disease - A British Lyme Disease Charity:

A message posted at on 26 april 2016:

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John Caudwell

26 april 2016

We are delighted that our Caudwell Lyme Disease website has gone live.


Please share the link prolifically. We need to spread the word to the whole population not just the Lyme community.

Unfortunately my family are still very ill but that won't stop the drive towards the education of the medical profession, the politicians and the general population, to eventually enable Lyme sufferers to be diagnosed and treated appropriately.

That day needs to come very soon. Please do all you can to help spread the word using my Facebook page, our website and any other material that is powerful.
Also see LNE topic British billionaire's family stricken (3 Oct 2015).

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