Possible Lyme Cure - Stevia with Dapsone Pyrazinamide Flagyl Tindamax

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Possible Lyme Cure - Stevia with Dapsone Pyrazinamide Flagyl Tindamax

Post by Muscle Car55 » Mon 17 Jul 2017 9:07

First off, I want thank Dr. Horrowitz, Dr. Sapi, Dr. Burrascano, and Dr. MacDonald for never giving up on us that have chronic lyme, they are my heroes.

I think with Dr. H's extreme success with Dapsone and Stevia together, there could be a possible cure on the horizon, let me ellaborate.


I've had Lyme for around 6 years, made some progress with Flagyl, but plateud. Before taking Dapsone and Stevia together, I was about 80-90%, after taking Dapsone and Stevia I felt 100% for a whole two weeks, then kind of got fatigued and bottomed out. Probably because I wasn't taking enough Folic Acid, Dr. H recommends around 30mg, if you look at what the traditional tablet is at the store, yeah that's a lot. So I upped my dosing, feel so much better.

So after taking Dapsone and Stevia together, I've gotten my life back. I'm clear headed now, I have tons energy, and feel great. This isn't the typical bs people claim with other controversial treatment, this is the best I've ever felt treating this disease.

Now I know that some people think Stevia can't get to the blood, I thought that too, "I was wrong!!!!" Buy the Sweetleaf Stevia Concentrate from Amazon, Wholefoods, or Better Health, it's very cheap, only like $10-$15, and it's super pure and raw, totally dark. What you do is, put 5-10 drops underneath your tongue for like 30+ seconds, then swallow. I tried doing this without taking Dapsone, I hit the ground with instant fatigue, I couldn't get off the couch for 3 days straight. That's until I paired it up with 25mg of Dapsone. I did it with Dapsone, immediately afterwards I got a bursts of energy I never fealt in my entire life, I got on the treadmill ran like 5 miles. So that told me something right there.

After being on Dapsone and this protocol for about a month, I've never felt so great in my entire life. Now I know Dapsone has extreme side effects, especially when paired up with other antibiotics, that can extremely increase the chances of hypertensitiviy, but if you take a low dose of 25mg a day and that's it, less chance of getting side effects. And I've found that Sulfa Drug like Dapsone has long half life in my body, it builds up for 2-4 weeks, so you might have to take a break in there, like a week, along with keep taking Stevia.

Dr. H uses Dapsone with other abx, which can increase the chances of hypersensitivity and side effects, I don't think it's needed. I know he does this for coinfections, but Dapsone already is a antiparasitic/antibacteria drug like Flagyl, so it could be possibly treating coinfections already. And for those of you that don't want to risk it, you could try the other Mycobacterium drug pyrazinamide, which might have less side effects.

I've also been having really good success and herxes using brown sugar in clear capsules with Stevia. Here's a story for ya, I was on Flagyl+Ceftin+Doxy for whole month once, when I was eating Honey Bunches of Oats Maple Brown Sugar I was herxing like crazy, couldn't figure out why, but I couldn't pinpoint what it was, I just knew it was something in Honey Bunches of Oats Maple Brown Sugar, I thought I was crazy. So I kept eating it, I felt the most energy and clear headedness I felt in years, until I tried Dapsone and Stevia. But something was working, just this past week I pinpointed what it was, it was the brown sugar. I'm not sure if it's just the molasses in brown sugar that brought out the bacteria, I ended up going to the store and buying some raw molasses putting it into capsules and then taking little Dapsone, worked little, but not as efficiently. So what I'm assuming is was, it's the combination of the sugar and molasses, that forms the sweetness to the brown sugar that drives out the borrelia bacteria.

If you think I'm full of bs, you need to look up some of the recent studies done on using sugar and antbiotics together on antibiotic resistant forms of bacteria. If you've read the recent article on Dr. S, this is how she stumbled on Stevia, thinking it may trick the bacteria and help bust up biofilms. All the work that Dr. S and Dr. H have been doing together has been working, I'm not kidding you, I'm a prime example, along with others who are sharing their results on Dr. H's facebook page. I posted up there if you want to see what I've said, as well as some of his other patients.
https://www.facebook.com/drrichardhorow ... 7592114901

Anyways, just to far warn everyone, do not take Dapsone or any other Mycobacterium drugs with out lyme literate doctor supervision and supervision without bloodwork. Dapsone has to be taken with high doses of Folic Acid, Dr. H recommends up to 30mg a day, so buy a brand that has 800mcg and above if you can find it.

This is such great news, I think that it's possible within the next few years a cure for borreliosis could hit the market. This may work on patients with Parkinsons and Alzheimers as well, like Dr. M said with the plaques and nematodes. Dr. H and I have been having great results with just the oral form, just imagine if a lab were able to compound it into a drug for lets say, taking intravenously for more potency and penetration.

It's been 2 years since the article put up on Dr. S testing the Curza CZ-1-99 drug, I'm curious when that's going to hit the market, said it worked 60% better. And I'm curious how well Stevia could work pairted up with lets say Bee Venom. All I know is, the FDA has approved opioids, psych meds, and glyphosate for the market, yet those two are killing people by the 100s of thousands, when are these biofilm antibiotics like Curza and Agile Sciences’ Agilyte technology going to hit the market? People are dieing and committing suicide by lyme.

Anyways, I didn't want to share my results with everyone until I knew what I was feeling was consistent. What I mean was, it wasn't like Flagyl, where I felt better for a month and made some progress and that was it. I've found being on and off this protocol for 2 months now, that I get continuous herxing, as well as making progress.

For those that are in the earlier stages of treatment, using Stevia/Brown sugar and Dapsone or Flagyl or Tindamax may create an incredible herx. Herxes for me weren't bad, I just felt dizziness, pins needles, and muscle twitching. I know for other people, like women, it causes extreme pain and epilepsy, so start of slow.

I also want to say, I'm a bodybuilder and athlete myself, one thing I've found in life is, you never can give up! And I like to add that the internet saved my life, I paired up my symptoms with the sympoms on the canlyme.com website. And just so you know, the current presidency is looking to end net neutrality, which keeps a level playing field for small websites like canlyme.com, which helped saved my life. Be sure to protest Ajit Pai's decision to end net neutrality. We all know Doctors hate the internet because we bring them new scientific studies, but ya know what, that's their fault for not staying up to date with the latest breakthroughs in science! This is the last freedom we have, don't let the internet go to waste!!!!!!!

Any questions, don't be afraid to ask.... Again, for those scared of trying Dapsone or pyrazinamide, you could try the Sweetleaf Stevia Concentrate with Fagyl+Doxy or Flagyl+Doxy+Ceftin see how it works. I don't think Dr. S and Dr. H exactly know why the antiparasitic/antibacteria drugs work so well on Lyme, maybe because it's hitting all coinfections at once. Not sure, but I don't think flagyl or tindamax ever ended up on the persister cell list done by John Hopkins study.

And don't forget to try brown sugar in some clear capsules, I used the Domino Brown Sugar, it's like $2 at Meijer. And bought some Now empy capsules from Whole Foods. I wouldn't waste money on the overhyped overpriced Nutramedix Stevia...

Take care and hope this helps people. And for those of you that failed with Dapsone, just so you know, taking it alone for me didn't do much. It with Stevia is what causes the breakthrough in treatment for me.

I'm also curious how well this Sweetleaf Concentrate/Brown Sugar would work with Daptomycin, one of popular antibiotics that showed to kill persister cells in the Hopkins Study.

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Re: Possible Lyme Cure - Stevia with Dapsone Pyrazinamide Flagyl Tindamax

Post by Muscle Car55 » Mon 17 Jul 2017 9:30

Might I add, for those of you that question the science behind Dr. MacDonald, Dr. Harrowitz, and Dr. Sapi on Lyme Europe. I guess you people owe these doctors a big apology....

I thought an apology was owed after the John Hopkins study, but hey, people have egoes and are arrogant, but now that this work is starting to pay off in Dr. Horrowitz practice, I'd say an apology is owed.

Stevia with Mycobacterium drugs is downright groundbreaking, like I said up above, if they find a way to compound this plant for a drug intravenously, this may work incredibly well for people with Parkinsons and Alzheimers.

I'm not a Doctor but I do have my degree, I tell you what, I was intelligent enough to think that these two different groups, ILADS and IDSA/CDC weren't looking under microscopes and seeing two different things. I know biofilms are hard to grow in vitro with borrelia, but I'm sure these IDSA/CDC doctors surely saw the self defense mechanisms borrelia formed with cysts. Hell, even Syphillus, borrelia's distant cousin takes full year of treatment to put in remission. What these doctors have gotten away with is murder!

The amount of people that suffered throughout the years, committed suicide and died. These doctors, along with the pharmaceutical lobbyists that pulled their strings belong in jail. But just like the opioid epidemic, if anything happens, I'm sure it will be the lower level people and not the kingpins.

https://www.upi.com/Top_News/US/2017/07 ... 499967042/

I always thought to myself, if there's ever a cure for Lyme Disease, it's not because of the free market and capitalistic system, which some of these people lead to you believe. Like pharmacutical drug rep Gwen Olsen said in the documentary prescription thugs, there's no money to made in cures, these pharmaceutical companies are in the business of disease management and symptoms maintenance.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=kEOayJi ... e&t=37m49s

That's some food for thought, for those of you supporters of our current president now that plans to make cuts to the EPA. Yes the EPA is corrupt, nor is Obamacare perfect. But like some of you that support our President with doing away with those organizations and programs, question is what does he plan to replace it with....???

The answer most of these ayn rand supporting captialists is privatization, lol, which doesn't work. This country was a Republic found upon Democracy values, for the people by the people, not for the corporations by the corporations. Wake up people...!!! You've been fed a lie, forefathers probably rolling over in their graves right now. Back then they had monarchies which ruled countries, now we have corporations, the only thing different now is these corporations feed off of a for profit system.

Food and animals was never meant to be mass produced, they like to blame lyme patients for creating the superbugs by taking longterm antibiotics, truth is these superbugs are being cause by corporate farming through mass production, animals are filled with steroids and antbiotics.

What's even scarier is, all the propaganda put out convincing people that the government is the problem, and that a feer market, deregulating these corporations will help our country.

When I look at Dr. Shapiro and Dr. Wormser, I don't see competent doctors, I see greedy capitalists like Bernie Madoff. I remember the ties some of these IDSA/CDC doctors had to vaccine pharmacutical corporations in the Under Our Skin documentary. Again, these doctors are capitalists who are all about profit. The amount of capitalist doctors that system is producing is insane, remember seeing the doctor in the news in Michigan who was giving patients chemo who didnt need it, Greed and capitalism has gotten the best of our country and the healthcare system. It failed in 2007 with the recession, it was then bailed out by middle and lower class money. Nothing has changed, same capitalists are doing the same thing.
http://www.cnn.com/2015/07/10/us/michig ... index.html

Take care, hope this treatment helps, and wake up!!!

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Re: Possible Lyme Cure - Stevia with Dapsone Pyrazinamide Flagyl Tindamax

Post by ChronicLyme19 » Mon 7 Aug 2017 5:06

I'll chime in. I second the dapsone protocol. I did it without the stevia tho, although I have put stevia in my kefir in the past and it always spiked my neuropathy.

I made it up to 100 mg of dapsone for about two months total. (Had to take a break because was having trouble getting the local hospital to do the correct bloodwork monitoring). Like you, I had gotten 90-95% of back to normal with other antibiotics combos with herbs (Byron White A-L, A-BART) before going on dapsone. All the other combos kept me healthy, but I would relapse after stopping antibiotics within two weeks. After Dr H's dapsone protocol I have now been able to be off antibiotics a full four months. Not a single symptom. I feel 100% normal again. Not sure if I'll ever relapse, but even getting this far has been amazing.
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